Dear Jack: Your Newest Wall Decor

12 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

I see that you are now displaying one of the Christmas gifts you received from Aunt Dana and Uncle Andrew… a sign advertising farm fresh eggs.

(It just so happens that we are in an egg shortage, too. Yesterday at the grocery store, I had to buy liquid egg whites instead!)

However, your new wall decor has been translated into the language of a 12 year-old boy.

Chicken eggs?


Butt nuggets.

So now, right above where you lay your head to rest, is a hilarious new sign advertising “Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets”.

I’d say this is quite the appropriate gift for you!



Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: James Hardy’s Asthma- Week 7

Let’s found out about James Hardy’s 7th week on my challenge:

Journal entry date: November 2, 2014

Since my last update I have had some great changes since I have cut all eggs and dairy from my diet. I have lost 6 lbs and kept it off without any additional changes to diet or exercise. My back acne is dropped to only a few zits here or there. Around this time of year my asthma gets the worst yet it seems to be causing me no major issues. In the past 2 weeks I have no longer needed my emergency inhaler while at the gym. With lacking breathing problems my workouts have gotten easier and I have actually noticed I am recovering faster after a workout.
Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: James Hardy’s Asthma- Week 2
Today 11/2/14 I have decided to test how my allergies are being affected. I went to a local pet store where every time I have ever entered I needed 2 Benadryl and 2 puffs of my emergency inhaler. Today I was in there for 30 minutes and I usually stay less than 10. I had no need for my inhaler or Benadryl. I did get have my nose run a little bit but it went away probably 10 to 15 minutes after I left.
After the gym I played with my dog and kept him close to my face than normal. He hasn’t caused me more than just light sinus issues when we played too long, but today we played for a long time and I had no issues. I even pushed it by sticking my fingers in my eyes and nose. Yes, my nose, and I had no issues.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

Hi, I am Nick Shell, the creator of Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials, and this is the update to my story.

By now, you’ve probably read some testimonials of my converts: both Ben Wilder (6 months) and James Hardy (1 month).

But of course, I myself took the “48 Hour Dairy And Egg Free Challenge” a year and half ago… and I’m obviously still committed.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

Like the other guys who I have featured here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog, I decided to take the challenge to find out if it were true that by eliminating dairy and eggs for just 48 hours, my sinus and allergies would noticeably improve.

Well, here I am, a year and a half into the 48 hour challenge with no dairy and eggs. I haven’t been sick once since then, nor have I suffered from sinus pressure, nor have I produced sinus congestion. Period.

It’s not a coincidence, considering before the switch I suffered from 22 years of ongoing sinusitis, sinus pressure, and allergies to pets. Obviously, all those problems went away and have stayed away for the past 18 months.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

But I also want to address another issue. For more than a year before I went “dairy and egg free” back in April 2013, I had already been a vegetarian.

What I am telling you is that for nearly 3 years, I have not eaten any meat, including fish. And for the past year and a half, no dairy or eggs.

I just want to serve as physical evidence that if a person focuses on the right nutritious food groups (veggies, fruit, grains, beans, nuts, seeds), they don’t have to rely on animal products to be healthy.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

At age 27 in 2008, the year I got married, I maxed out at around 178 pounds, which took its toll on me, being 5’9”. That extra “beefiness” also came with “medically incurable” eczema (specifically called “dyshodrosis, which covered both my hands; plus acne, and again, constant allergy and sinus issues.

It wasn’t until in hindsight that I could actually see the change in the mirror and in pictures of myself. I just assumed it was a “bad camera angle” that I looked heavier.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

In desperation, I prayed to God to just show me what I needed to do and I would do it; that I would gladly serve as a spokesman to help others if I could just be cured on my haunting eczema (dyshodrosis).

That prayer led to a journey a few years long, in which I was gradually shown that becoming a vegan would be that cure I was so desperate for.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

I didn’t do it “cold turkey” (bad pun)… it was a gradual process.

On Thanksgiving Day 2008, I went kosher- meaning I stopped eating pork and shellfish. By December 2011, I had sort of accidentally become a vegetarian. Then of course in April 2013, I became vegan. (Not to mention, 6 months later in September 2013 I permanently gave up caffeine.)

Now at age 33, I am consistently around 142 pounds and have been since I went dairy and egg free 18 months ago.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

I went from a size large shirt to a medium; from a size 34 waist to a very comfortable 31. But it’s not about the weight I’ve lost, it’s about the medical issues I lost when I lost that weight.

Yes, I do exercise too- but I don’t work out in a gym. I take at least two 10 minute walks each other, mountain bike during my lunch break, and try to run 2 miles at least once a week.

And I’m healthy. I’m not sick. I’m not hungry. I’m not weak. I don’t feel light-headed.

I have more energy than I did before all these changes. And I get plenty of protein and nutrition from veggies, fruit, grains, beans, nuts, seeds.

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

Being fully vegan means you consume no cholesterol. Yes, there is a microscopic amount in the fats found in plants, like nuts and seeds, for example.

But it’s not even enough to register as even 1% of your daily intake. Compare that to the daily percentage in just one medium chicken egg; around 62%.

Again, that’s 62% for just one egg!

I’m happy. Why would I ever go back now?

Becoming a vegan, or simply cutting out dairy and eggs, isn’t for everyone. But for anyone who is curious about heading in that direction, please feel free to let me know if I can help answer any questions.

Just leave me a comment or send me an email. I’m here to help… or at least, entertain.

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Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Introduction Featuring Ben Wilder

Project: To publically prove that consuming dairy/eggs is the actual symptom that causes sinus pressure, sinusitis, allergies, acid reflux, acne, asthma, and other health issues. I will do this by collecting testimonials of real life people with faces and names who were willing to cut out dairy/eggs 100% from their diet.


Hi, I’m Nick Shell. (Pictured right for the sole purpose of proving I’m a real person, which I believe is important for this project.)

If you’ve read any of my dozens of posts about what led me to ultimately become a vegan a year and a half ago, you know that from 1992 to April 2014, I suffered from constant sinus pressure, sinusitis at least 3 times per year, and I was allergic to cats and dogs.

After just 48 hours of going dairy and egg free, all those problems went away and haven’t since returned.

Is that a coincidence? If it is, it would take a lot of faith to believe that eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet did not have such a quick, yet ever-lasting effect like that.

Before I gave up dairy and eggs, I was always skeptical when I heard someone say that those things cause more mucus production, because when you research online, it seems most “experts” have already explored and tested this theory.

But here’s where they’re wrong.

I can’t help but notice that it seems every single one of those scientific reports simply measures a reduction in dairy/eggs intake.

What I am saying is different: You have to eliminate dairy and eggs 100%, no exceptions.

Here’s my theory on why “going dairy/egg free” is so effective for those who try it:

Dairy and eggs contain mucus from a different species. Think about this- what are the functions of mucus in the human body?

One is to flush out foreign infection and/or waste. When you’re sick, you produce mucus to help flush out to flush out the sickness and make you healthy again.

So what happens when you daily consume the mucus of another species? Overkill, to say the least.

Your body has to flush the excess mucus out, treating it as the foreign substance that it is.

Forgive my coarse language here, but that’s why for the past year and a half, my body hasn’t produced colored mucus of any kind.

Is it a coincidence that my mucus is very minimal and is clear; never white; or yellow (which I understand indicates infection)?

Therefore, I no longer get sinus infections and/or sinusitis; whereas I previously continually had them for about 22 years. And I’m not the only one.

Check out this testimonial from my friend Ben Wilder, which I originally published back in June. He was my 1st official recruit so he will serve as the 1st entry for my new Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials series; other than myself, obviously.

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Wilder (pictured below). If you told me a year ago I wouldn’t be drinking dairy milk and eating cheese, I would’ve said you’re the next big comedian. But it’s true. Going on 3 months now, I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet and my allergies are gone… so far. I was taking a Zyrtec pill every day. Not a few times a week or here and there… it was every single day. I can’t speak to the long term benefits of this change… yet. But you can sure as heck bet that I’m a firm believer already.

Ben Wilder Nashville vegan

Please feel free to share your testimonial as well! Leave a comment sharing your “100% dairy/egg free testimonial.” I may even be interested in featuring you in an upcoming “Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials”. I am looking for people who are as passionate as I am about showing the link between eggs/dairy and mucus/sinus/allergies.

My email is

I want to make it public knowledge that “cheese makes you sneeze.” In other words, consuming dairy and eggs is the reason why people have mucus that is any other color than clear.

My goal is to create a legitimate online community where people can share and learn about how going “dairy and egg free” can be very beneficial. Let’s just see what happens…

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Misadventures in Daycare: Summer of 1987

Three months in the Alabama Slammer.

The smell of burnt scrambled eggs is so distinct. Somehow the cooks at my summer daycare in 1987 managed to consistently make sure breakfast was less than gourmet quality. For me at age six, I treated daycare like prison. I was forced to be there. I was made to sleep on a cot for an hour even though I wasn’t tired. I had to watch TV shows I didn’t want to see, like Reading Rainbow marathons. For the most part, I kept my head down and stayed out of everybody’s business. I wasn’t there to make friends. I was there to serve my time and move on.

At least my partner in crime was there with me. My sister Dana, being 3 years younger than me, was with a different age group for most of the day. But from 2 to 3 o’clock all the kids were in the same room for nap time. The entire floor was covered with grungy green army cots we had to balance on and pretend like we were all sleeping. Baffled by all these strange kids around me who for some reason actually seemed to enjoy being there, the only person I would talk to was my sister. Not only was she easy to talk to (she was 3 at the time) but she thought I was funny.

One day during nap time on the cot next to hers, I held up my hand near her face, waving hello. Then I pulled in three of my fingers to my palm to make a gun. Next I pulled in my thumb and pointer finger to make a fist. She was impressed with my ability to wave, make a gun, then a fist with the same hand in a matter of seconds. A woman in charge saw me do it and said in front of everyone, “Nick, put your hand down and stop bothering your sister.” I didn’t care enough to explain that she liked it and so stood convicted of my new crime.

By the end of the summer though, a wonderful event occurred. A prospective parent brought their child in to visit the place, all dressed up like they were from Connecticut or something. While giving the tour, one of the ladies in charge of the place showed the parent and child where the restroom was.

She opened the door only to find there was a boy sitting down on the toilet with his shorts around his ankles. He didn’t lock the door and therefore was exposed to the parent, child, and everyone facing that side of the room. It was great. That made my summer at Lad & Lassie Day Care worth the while.