Dear Jack: You Finally Got to Try the Prime “Energy Drink”!

12 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

I remember the initial conversation starting out like this:

“Hey Daddy, I want to get Prime.”

I responded to you that I was pretty sure that, even though Mommy had cancelled Amazon Prime again, we still had it for at least a few more days.

You then explained, “No, Prime is actually this energy drink that everybody at school is talking about. Can we go to the mall so I can try it?”

We had to go back to the mall anyway to make an exchange. Once we walked by GNC, of all places, you announced, “Look, Daddy, I found it!”

I was hesitant about an “energy drink” that all the 6th grade kids are apparently drinking right now. I turned over to the label and immediately received confirmation of my reservations:

It contained the caffeine of about 8 cups of coffee!

Fortunately, later that day we were at Target, and you saw the flavor you really wanted- which happened to be caffeine free. The thing that apparently qualifies the caffeine-free version as an “energy drink” is that it contains coconut water.

You were so proud of your Prime “energy drink”, you rationed it out for several days; keeping a close watch on it in the fridge.

I have a feeling we’re going to end up at Target again this weekend.




Dear Holly: You Helped Mommy Make Chocolate Pie!

6 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

It is no secret that you love to be helping. This weekend, you were so excited to learn that Mommy was making a chocolate pie for our family.

When I returned home from buying groceries on Saturday, I saw that you literally put in a “helping hand”.

Your entire hand, and mouth, was fully covered in chocolate.

I can’t say either way whether that improved or hurt the quality of the pie.

What I do know is, our family enjoyed having a little slice of it each night this week after dinner.

So keep helping Mommy make pies!



Dear Holly: You are Camouflaged in Our Living Room

6 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

You have this habit of sneaking up on me when I’m in the kitchen. You’re not necessarily trying, but you are so quiet when you come downstairs.

A few days ago, I had looked up from doing the dishes, and you were standing a few feet away, smiling at me. It took a second to realize you were even there!

I said, “Holly, you’re the same colors as our living room! I couldn’t actually see you!”

Since then, you have been playing this to your advantage..

This morning, it was time for me take you outside to the bus stop. I walked right past you.

You were effortlessly hiding underneath the blanket on the rug.

When you realized I assumed you were upstairs instead, you started giggling, and gave yourself away.

If you hadn’t, I would have been looking for you for a while!



Dear Holly: Our Routine Morning Walks (Even in the Winter)

6 years, 8 months.

Dear Holly,

This week you brought home a sheet from school, declaring your goals for 2023.

I made it to the list!

One of your goals is to “I want to walk with my dad.”

Throughout this school year, you and I have been making an effort to take a walk around our neighhborhood before school.

Here lately, even thought it’s actually winter right now, the weather has been warm enough for us to go on hour-long walks throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.

Granted, for most of that time, I’m pushing you in the cheap stroller we bought for Disney World.

But still, you like the option of walking with me.

It’s not only a time for good conversation between us, but you also enjoy checking out the nearby “tiny libraries” along the way; to see if there are any books you would like to “borrow”.

I’m so happy you like to join me on my morning walks!




Dear Jack: Your Newest Wall Decor

12 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

I see that you are now displaying one of the Christmas gifts you received from Aunt Dana and Uncle Andrew… a sign advertising farm fresh eggs.

(It just so happens that we are in an egg shortage, too. Yesterday at the grocery store, I had to buy liquid egg whites instead!)

However, your new wall decor has been translated into the language of a 12 year-old boy.

Chicken eggs?


Butt nuggets.

So now, right above where you lay your head to rest, is a hilarious new sign advertising “Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets”.

I’d say this is quite the appropriate gift for you!