Live with Kelly Co-Host Contest, Top 40 Contender: 2nd Video/Next Deadline, October 5th

Live with Kelly Co-Host Contest Top 40 Contender: 2nd Video/Next Deadline, October 5th

I am so grateful for everyone who has been helping me out by liking, commenting on, and sharing my 1st video; since I made it to the Top 40 for Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host for a Day Contest, last Friday. After all, my chances of winning are definitely based on how the free market (that’s you) reacts to my video on Kelly’s website.

On October 5th, we’ll all find out if I made it to the next cut; to the Top 20. So in addition to how well my 1st video does based on the public’s views, comments, likes, and shares, my success in the contest will be based on my newest assignment:

Make a video to showcase my ability to demonstrate how to do something in 60 seconds or less, which also features my personality.

I would have chosen to feature my adorable 5 month-old daughter in the video, using the angle on me being a daddy blogger.

However, no one under the age of 18 was permitted in the video.

So I decided the next best choice was for me to feature my “Manly Vegan Protein Smoothie” which I invented 3 and a half years ago, and have been drinking every day since then.

I chose this for a couple of reasons…

It gave me a reason to feature my Rubik’s Cube coffee mug. Who wouldn’t think that’s cool?

Plus, there aren’t a lot of vegan males out there. Being such a rare demographic makes me stand out from the crowd.

But ultimately, it’s not about a smoothie; it’s about me selling my personality in 60 seconds; to prove that I can be both classy and quirky.

So on October 5th, we’ll see if I’m worthy of the Top 20. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Remember that n the meantime, here’s a reminder of how you can help me out, if you haven’t already:

  1. Click on this link to visit the LIVE with Kelly Facebook page
  2.  Once you’re there, “like” my video
  3.  Next, leave a comment on it, telling everyone how you know me and specifically why I would be the best choice
  4. After you’ve done that, share that link, promoting me as your top choice on your own Facebook page
  5.  Also, tweet that same link on Twitter as your choice: @nickshellwrites

My Reaction to the Chicco “Performance Review” Video, By Guest Blogger Jill Shell


This is a special blog post by Jill Shell, the wife of the man behind Family Friendly Daddy Blog.

Let me just start by stating the obvious: being a parent is hard work.  Anyone who has been lucky enough to have a child, or perhaps two or three (or more), can testify to this.  It is a full time job with endless responsibilities, long hours, restless nights, and well, you get the picture.  Tack onto this a job outside of the home and you bring life to a whole new level of “crazy.”  Our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world 5 months ago and have been learning to get into a new groove of life with two working parents, a Kindergartner and an infant and it hasn’t been easy.

My Reaction to the Chicco "Performance Review" Video, By Guest Blogger Jill Shell

Before taking maternity leave, I worried about everything: about leaving my duties in the hands of others; about missing too much; about not being missed; about being replaced; about meeting the needs of two children at once; and mostly about returning to work and the numerous anxieties of leaving my kids and having to perform as if I hadn’t just brought another human being into the world.  It was a whirlwind of thoughts and angst that was building up in me, but seemingly it dissipated as the baby arrived and we began a new routine at home.  My focus was on my family and I was getting good at balancing the caring, the cooking, the cleaning, and everything in between.  When, alas, my four months was quickly coming to an end and the reality of being a working mom set in.

I’ve been back to work for 5 weeks now and it was harder than I could have ever imagined.  For the first three weeks back, it seemed like I could get to the middle of the week still afloat, but by Wednesday evening, I felt like the world was caving in on me.  Every minute of the day was spoken for and it was rush, rush, rush through it all.  I found myself day dreaming about any other way I could support the household income and raise my children at home.  Then it happened.  The transition period ended and it feels like we’ve gotten to a new level of “normal.”

As I look around, I see lots of families, moms and dads, in the same boat and it’s comforting to know that more people are there supporting you and watching you succeed, rather than waiting to see you fail.


After watching the Chicco “Performance Review” video which is part of their #NeverStopGrowing campaign, I love the response from Jess’s co-worker, Aaron, in the video where he sincerely tells her that he has no idea how she does what she does.  Because the truth is, Jess probably doesn’t even realize half of the tasks she takes on and completes.  She’s doing what she needs to do.  She’s found her new normal and with the help of her family and co-workers, realizing it’s a natural fit.

Dear Jack: How You Got Papa to Buy You a Fursians Stuffy at Addie Kate’s (with No Words Exchanged!)

5 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack: How You Got Papa to Buy You a Stuffy at Addie Kate’s with No Words Exchanged

Dear Jack,

As we walked down the closed main street of my hometown of Fort Payne for their annual Boom Days festival, you saw that I was catching up with some classmates I haven’t seen in 17 years. You knew it would be a while; as you stood there holding Papa’s hand and while Nonna held your baby sister.

So you discreetly tugged on Papa’s arm, asking him to go with you to Addie Kate’s, a store across the street.

I saw this happen peripherally, thinking to myself, “Why would Jack want to go into that store? It doesn’t look like there’s anything for kids in there.”

About 20 minutes later, you and Papa emerged from the store. Turns out, Addie Kate’s does have something kids would want.

You proudly lifted up a new “stuffy”… a Fursians snow leopard named Slushy, with a huge tail but tiny legs.

“Look at what Papa got me!” you excitedly announced, as Papa stood next to you attempting to hide a smirk.

Papa explained, “Yeah, and he didn’t have to even ask me for it. He just looked around at the stuffed animals, picked up the one he liked the most, and looked up at me with those eyes. Then I walked up to the counter and paid for it.”

I couldn’t stop laughing, yet I wasn’t surprised.

It is hilarious to imagine that whole process.

You then admitted, “Daddy, I saw some stuffed animals in the window, from the street where I was standing.”

Your plan worked: See toy. Take Papa into store. Speak no words. Exit with toy.

Yes, you are a clever boy. I’m guessing from the moment we left Nonna and Papa’s house for downtown, that you had already reminded yourself to look for an opportunity to find a toy for your grandparents to buy you. I have to give you credit for your dedication to a plan clearly worked.



Ian Yates: Awaken to Love

Ian Yates: Awaken to Love

Earlier in the summer, British Christian musician named Ian Yates reached out to me from Liverpool, England; where he’s from.  He asked if I do a giveaway on my blog for his new CD and album: Awaken to Love.

I checked him out on YouTube and liked what I heard. In fact, several of my blog posts here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog were written while Ian’s album played as inspiration.

Over the past couple of months, I have really enjoyed listening to his new album. This week, he mailed me 2 other copies to give away today, so let do me do that right now…

If you are one of the first 2 people to leave a comment on this blog post (not on Facebook) and live in the continental United States, I will reach out to you and get your mailing address so I can send you your copy.

Update: One is now accounted for, by Adrianne Smth. But there’s still one more available…

Our Family Will Be Seeing “Disney on Ice, Dream Big” in Nashville Next Month, Will You?

Our Family Will Be Seeing "Disney on Ice, Dream Big" in Nashville Next Month, Will You?

Back in 1989, nearly 30 years ago, I got to see Disney on Ice. I remember getting a special souvenir sword that lit up.

Now in 2016, my own children will get to see the magical event as well. My wife is particularly excited, as she’s always heard about Disney on Ice but has never experienced it.

And, for one lucky reader out there today, they will also be able to see Disney on Ice: Dream Big!

Karen Stanley was the first person to leave a comment on this blog post and therefore won 4 free tickets to the show for her family! It will be at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN; from October 6th through the 8th, 2016.

Congrats to the Stanley family!

Thanks for reading my blog today. You never know when you might free tickets…

I, Nick Shell, Have Been Chosen as One of the Top 40 Contenders for the Live with Kelly and You Co-Host Search… Now I Need Your Help!

I, Nick Shell, Have Been Chosen as One of the Top 40 Contenders for the Live with Kelly and You Co-Host Search… Now I Need Your Personal Help!

I see myself as a pretty average guy, but fortunately, the producers for Live with Kelly disagree with me on that…

Because today, I received a call from Live with Kelly, asking me if I had heard the news on their show today, or seen the news on their website: I have been chosen as one of the Top 40 Contenders for the Live with Kelly and You Co-Host contest!

It was just two weeks ago that I shot my initial submission video in the park. To my amazement, the producers felt that out of all of America, I am worthy of being in the Top 40.

Yes, I admit, I’m currently in shock; at least a little bit. I’m so happy and honored just to make it this far; even just to have any producers at Live with Kelly know who I even am.

However, I don’t have much time to process this exciting news. Instead, it’s time for more work for me- and for you…

This weekend, I will be making my submission video for the next level of the contest; which if I made it through, I would be part of the Top 20; to further be decided by America.

Even now though, I need your support.

You can easily help me in a tremendous way by doing any (or, preferably, all of) the following things:

  1. Click on this link to visit the LIVE with Kelly Facebook page
  2.  Once you’re there, “like” my video
  3.  Next, leave a comment on it, telling everyone how you know me and specifically why I would be the best choice
  4. After you’ve done that, share that link, promoting me as your top choice on your own Facebook page
  5.  Also, tweet that same link on Twitter as your choice: @nickshellwrites

I need your help as members of family; as my friends; as members of my hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama; as fellow neighbors in my current town of Spring Hill, TN, which also represents Nashville; as fellow graduates of Liberty University; as blog subscribers; and/or as YouTube subscribers, to prove through your pro-activity in social media that America truly does support Nick Shell as the most-obvious choice for the Live with Kelly and You Co-Host contest.

Will you do that for me? I don’t need money. I don’t need you to buy anything. I just need you to help create and sustain a social media buzz to help “elect” me for Kelly’s co-host for a day.

I thank you in advance. Thank you for celebrating with me today that I even made it this far. I feel humbled, yet quite eager to prove myself to America!

Dear Holly: You Become a Sleepy Marshmallow When Either Nonna or Aunt Dana Holds You

21 weeks.

Dear Holly: You Become a Sleepy Marshmallow When Nonna or Aunt Dana Hold You

Dear Holly,

One of my main roles when I am holding you or playing with you is to challenge you both physically and socially.

For example, I hold you to where your feet are touching the ground, so you have to stand up; therefore building your muscle and improving your balance. Plus, I am constantly testing your social reaction time by making different noises and moving objects around you to see your heard turn to follow and to make noises back at me.

Truly, it’s an intense and involved process when you’re with me. Granted, the whole time I’m telling you how cute and adorable you are…

And it’s not that Mommy nor your brother aren’t cooing over you either, because we all treat you like the adorable, lovable little girl you are.

It’s just that I couldn’t help but notice whenever you are back in Alabama with Nonna and Aunt Dana, it’s like you become this different little baby… because you know you can get away with it.

In such a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of the Nashville life we are used to, you know you get to just be lazy.

So when Nonna holds you, it’s as if you just melt into a marshmallow state of being. You just get sleepy and take a one hour nap like it’s nothing.

But first, as I joke to everyone, your IQ drops first…

Even though you have developed social and physical skills in your 4 and a half months out of the womb, it’s like you just forget about all that; instead pretending to be a newborn who doesn’t know any better.

I witnessed this hilarious situation with you when Aunt Dana had you: She sat you in her lap and wrapped you up in a blanket, leaving only your head exposed, as your watched your brother Jack and cousin Calla play for nearly an hour.

It took me several minutes to even see you there, as you never made a sound. You just quietly chilled out, as if you were hiding.

This is proof that different members of the family, in a more relaxed environment, can bring out a different side of you when you are around them.

When you’re with them, you can get away with just being a sleepy marshmallow.