Dear Holly: Your 4 Year Check-Up at the Doctor- You’re a Petite

4 years old.

Dear Holly,

Last week, during my final week on furlough before going back to work, it was up to me to take you to the doctor for your 4 year check-up appointment.

I was so proud of you how you barely cried during the two vaccinations you had to get, in order to start Kindergarten in a year and a half.

The doctor confirmed you are perfectly healthy- and also that you are officially petite.

You’re below the 25th percentile for height and the 20th for weight.

The funny thing is, you undeniably eat so much more food than your brother, who is 5 and a half years older than you!

Little girl, big appetite!



Dear Holly: Your Framed Picture of You and Your Cousin

4 years old.

Dear Holly,

For your 4th birthday last weekend, we had a small party for you with family; only 10 people.

Until the COVID-19 lockdown, we had a big birthday planned for you at the park- there was going to be pony rides!

I guess we’ll be saving that plan for when you turn five next year.

But still, your 4th birthday party was very special because we got to spend it with your grandparents and cousins on my side of the family; at least.

A very special gift you received from your cousin Darla is a picture of the two of you together; which is now propped up on your night stand right next to your bed.

It means a lot to you, as the two of you are inseparable anytime you are both together!



Dear Jack: Is Your Generation Going to Be Called “Covid-19 Kids”?

9 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

In theory, you are going back to school at the end of this month to finish out the 3rd grade. I have my doubts about that. I have seen so many events delayed, and then delayed several more times since this all started with COVID-19.

You are definitely old enough to understand what is going on and old enough to remember it for the rest of your life. I feel that your generation is going to be bookmarked by living through the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

However, you seem to be taking it pretty well. Actually, you’re living it up: Everyday is a Saturday for you now!



Dear Holly: You are a Little Doll Who Has Come to Life

3 years, 11 months.

Dear Holly,

This week, Mommy and I completed the difficult task of narrowing down the 20 professional portraits taken at your school to just 3. Actually, we were not successful.

Because we ended up paying extra money so we could get 5 instead.

The easiest way to summarize how I feel about these photos of you:

You are a doll.

For me, it’s truly coming to the realization that if toy companies needed a real life girl to use as a model for making dolls, they would use your picture to base it off of.

You are a little doll who came to life.



Dear Holly: You Read Me Bible Stories While I Cooked Dinner

3 years, 10 months.

Yesterday evening after work, your brother chose to tag along with Mommy as she visited the chiropractor. To my surprise, you were totally okay with staying home with me as I prepared dinner.

So as I had a pot of water going for you and your brother’s Annie’ s mac and cheese, a pot of water for brown rice pasta for Mommy and me, and a skillet of hamburger meat I was cooking for the sauce, you remained the whole time on the living room chair with your children’s bible.

You were “reading” aloud through dozens of Bible stories, back to back:

“Then Jonah was in the big fish for 3 days and then Daniel saw the lions but they didn’t eat them, then David threw rocks at the big man, and then Jesus was in the cave…”

You specifically kept inserting “Judah” into many of the stories. I take it he was the go-to name to use when you didn’t recognize the character in the picture.

I am also assuming Judah is the name of one of your classmates.

You did a great job reading Bible stories to me while I cooked dinner. I am very proud of you.



Dear Jack: How You Avoided a Nap While Mommy and I Watched a Movie

9 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Last Sunday, Mommy and I needed an hour to finish the second half of the movie we rented from Redbox. While it is not uncommon for you and your sister to need to take a nap on Sunday afternoon, it was apparent to me that you both were full of energy.

Therefore, I explained to you both that if you could independently figure out how to entertain yourself downstairs while Mommy and I finished the movie upstairs, I would let you forgo naps.

You both agreed to the deal.

An hour later, when our movie was over and we came downstairs, we found the source of your entertainment.

Using the Noah’s Ark tent your Uncle Al and Sharon got you several years ago, you and your sister collected as many blankets and pillows as you could find and filled it up.

Ultimately, it became something like a swimming pool.

You and your sister took turns running up to and attempting to jump high enough to jump inside.

It was a plan that came together. We’ll have to try this again sometime.



Dear Holly: That Sauce That Doesn’t Make My Mouth Hurt

3 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

As you are now approaching your 4th birthday, your eating habits are transitioning into “real meals”, as opposed to just a series of fruit pouches and different versions of mac and cheese.

You pretty much daily eat baby carrots and chicken. Last week, you requested to me, “Daddy, I want that sauce that doesn’t make my mouth hurt.”

Through a little bit of deductive reasoning, I figured out you were asking for Ranch dressing to dip your carrots and chicken in.

To a 3 year-old, that’s the best way to request Ranch dressing; to disassociate it from Daddy’s hot sauce you see me eating with every meal.

Granted, you’ve never had any of my hot sauce, but you want to make sure you don’t!