Jack-Man (The Superhero Web Series)

Now introducing the Jack-Man page here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog…


If you haven’t been introduced to my new web-series, Jack-Man, now is the perfect time.

My son and I have been averaging around 2 or 3 webisodes per week. In this original web series, my son Jack plays a superhero named Jack-Man, whose kryptonite is soda and who gets his superpowers from bananas.

Meanwhile his arch nemesis Green Meanie (played by me) attempts to try to get him hooked on soda, recruiting henchman in order to get the job done.

Below is the playlist so you can watch all Jack-Man videos in chronological order.

Or, if you keep scrolling down, you can watch them individually.

Have fun!

Plus, here’s some bonus Jack-Man material…

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