My TV Debut on The Lifetime Network

In February 2018, I made by official television debut in a show on The Lifetime Network called “This Time Next Year,” hosted by Cat Deeley.

The name of the episode was named “Dudes From Different Latitudes”.

I had one year to find and locate my doppelganger who my sister discovered on the package of Campbell’s Go.

And no, it wasn’t as simple as me calling the phone number on the back of the package of soup. For all Campbell’s knew, I was just some crazy guy from the Internet.

It was a wonderful experience and opportunity. One of my favorite parts about the journey of finding my doppelganger was having my original song featured as part of the episode.

In addition to having my episode air, I felt it was important to also document behind the scenes some of the aspects of the story that didn’t make it to TV.

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