What It Was Like Meeting My Doppelganger on “Dudes From Different Latitudes” of Lifetime’s “This Time Next Year”

I am completely satisfied and proud of the way my episode turned out. That was my 7 minutes of fame, and I’m grateful for every minute of it.

However, so much of the footage was cut. For example, the main thing you didn’t get to see was when I actually met my doppelganger Steve for the first time.

He and I were both driven separately to this Mexican café somewhere right outside of Hollywood. When we met, we immediately hugged, then my first words to him were, “Man, you’re a good looking guy!

Naturally, he instantly returned the same compliment.

We exchanged gifts soon after: I brought him a Nashville t-shirt and he brought me a Canadian t-shirt; as he lives north of Seattle, in Canada.

Then with Steve’s phone, we took some selfies, including one of us making the “Campbell’s Soup” face.

Steve and I were able to spend the whole day together from that point forward, including just waiting around the dressing room, as other guests on the show would stop by and ask us, “What was your guys’ goal?”

Our simple and strange response: “To find each other.”

To which they would ask, “Oh, you two are brothers?”

Then another simple and strange response from us: “No, he was on a package of soup.”

I liked Steve so much that it really is a shame he and I truly are “dudes from different latitudes.” I am convinced he would be a friend I would hang out with a lot.

And this is funny too: In the weeks leading up to the show airing, he was “liking” my Facebook posts about the show, though no one realized who he was at that point.

One of the famous questions people have asked me about him was whether I thought we actually looked alike.

He says I look more like his brother than his own brother looks like him. Meanwhile, I say that I look more like his picture on the package of soup than he does.

For what it’s worth, one of my cousins took a picture of Steve on the TV screen when the show aired and posted to Facebook. Turns out, Facebook’s facial recognition software immediately detected that Steve was me.

So apparently, we can at least fool a computer.

I thought it was cool how on the first part of my segment, I told Cat Deeley, “He may even be 6′ 3”.

My prophecy came true: Steve is 6 foot 3 inches tall, in noticeable contrast to me being 5 foot 9, as we walked through those This Time Next Year doors on stage.

Steve really is an awesome guy. I told him if he’s ever in Nashville, he’s got a place to stay. To which he immediately made the same offer if I’m ever in British Columbia.

All because of a package of soup.

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