The Shell Family’s Fall “Road Trip to the Boonies” in the 2017 Toyota Sienna

Where exactly are “the boonies”? Boone, North Carolina; that’s where. And this place is so great, the worst thing I could do is to tell you about it. So please, stop reading my blog post immediately! I don’t want Boone to become like Gatlinburg, where it’s so crowded that I no longer desire to go there anymore.

With Boone, our family was able to enjoy a wondrous fall road trip over Labor Day Weekend, into the mountains of Tennessee. But we didn’t have to deal with all the traffic that is undeniable associated with Gatlinburg.

So after a viewing of Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles, as well as an Elmo DVD and Disc 3 of my complete 5 disc set of The Pink Panther cartoon series, we arrived.

My wife is 9 of 10 kids, and with her siblings being scattered all across the country, it’s a very special thing when we can meet up with some of them. Her sister Jenny who lives in Pennsylvania and her brother Jason who lives in Virginia drove down to Boone.

While our family had the shortest drive (6 hours), we also had the baby, so it was hard work for all 3 families to get there. But it was worth it, for sure.

It truly felt like a vacation. There was a hot tub, an old school arcade, and a fire pit.

But the best part was just being able to hang out together and catch up.

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