Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Introduction Featuring Ben Wilder

Project: To publically prove that consuming dairy/eggs is the actual symptom that causes sinus pressure, sinusitis, allergies, acid reflux, acne, asthma, and other health issues. I will do this by collecting testimonials of real life people with faces and names who were willing to cut out dairy/eggs 100% from their diet.


Hi, I’m Nick Shell. (Pictured right for the sole purpose of proving I’m a real person, which I believe is important for this project.)

If you’ve read any of my dozens of posts about what led me to ultimately become a vegan a year and a half ago, you know that from 1992 to April 2014, I suffered from constant sinus pressure, sinusitis at least 3 times per year, and I was allergic to cats and dogs.

After just 48 hours of going dairy and egg free, all those problems went away and haven’t since returned.

Is that a coincidence? If it is, it would take a lot of faith to believe that eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet did not have such a quick, yet ever-lasting effect like that.

Before I gave up dairy and eggs, I was always skeptical when I heard someone say that those things cause more mucus production, because when you research online, it seems most “experts” have already explored and tested this theory.

But here’s where they’re wrong.

I can’t help but notice that it seems every single one of those scientific reports simply measures a reduction in dairy/eggs intake.

What I am saying is different: You have to eliminate dairy and eggs 100%, no exceptions.

Here’s my theory on why “going dairy/egg free” is so effective for those who try it:

Dairy and eggs contain mucus from a different species. Think about this- what are the functions of mucus in the human body?

One is to flush out foreign infection and/or waste. When you’re sick, you produce mucus to help flush out to flush out the sickness and make you healthy again.

So what happens when you daily consume the mucus of another species? Overkill, to say the least.

Your body has to flush the excess mucus out, treating it as the foreign substance that it is.

Forgive my coarse language here, but that’s why for the past year and a half, my body hasn’t produced colored mucus of any kind.

Is it a coincidence that my mucus is very minimal and is clear; never white; or yellow (which I understand indicates infection)?

Therefore, I no longer get sinus infections and/or sinusitis; whereas I previously continually had them for about 22 years. And I’m not the only one.

Check out this testimonial from my friend Ben Wilder, which I originally published back in June. He was my 1st official recruit so he will serve as the 1st entry for my new Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials series; other than myself, obviously.

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Wilder (pictured below). If you told me a year ago I wouldn’t be drinking dairy milk and eating cheese, I would’ve said you’re the next big comedian. But it’s true. Going on 3 months now, I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet and my allergies are gone… so far. I was taking a Zyrtec pill every day. Not a few times a week or here and there… it was every single day. I can’t speak to the long term benefits of this change… yet. But you can sure as heck bet that I’m a firm believer already.

Ben Wilder Nashville vegan

Please feel free to share your testimonial as well! Leave a comment sharing your “100% dairy/egg free testimonial.” I may even be interested in featuring you in an upcoming “Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials”. I am looking for people who are as passionate as I am about showing the link between eggs/dairy and mucus/sinus/allergies.

My email is nickshell1983@hotmail.com.

I want to make it public knowledge that “cheese makes you sneeze.” In other words, consuming dairy and eggs is the reason why people have mucus that is any other color than clear.

My goal is to create a legitimate online community where people can share and learn about how going “dairy and egg free” can be very beneficial. Let’s just see what happens…

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