Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: James Hardy’s Asthma- Week 1

By now, you’ve probably already read my own testimonial as well as my 1st recruit Ben Wilder’s in Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials: Introduction Featuring Ben Wilder.

Today I want to introduce another one of my “human science experiments,” named James Hardy (pictured below).

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: James Hardy’s Asthma- Week 1

What I am trying to accomplish with him particularly is to show that even if you’re not full vegan like I am, there are still so many benefits of cutting out dairy and eggs alone.

James has agreed to send me regular updates to share with everyone. Here is the 1st of several of them.

Journal entry date: September 13th, 2014

My name is James Hardy and I am making a huge change in my diet to better my health. I have had asthma and allergies my entire life and I was told something as simple as a diet change could help me finally be rid of the curse of asthma and allergies.

I was told all I had to do was cut dairy, eggs, and soda for me to finally have the upper hand on my asthma and allergies. This diet change will also be a benefit of my natural body building and power lifting hobby.

The spark that ignited this change was when I had to pay for my inhalers, which are over $400 with insurance. I’d rather pay a bit more on groceries a month than $400 any day.

This was also inspired my friend and colleague Nick Shell who noticed improvements in his health when he became a vegan. I will never go vegan but I will try this diet and see how my health changes.

Diet changes are never easy but after looking at the science behind these changes I can see why these changes are the key. I first cut soda out of my diet. Many people with asthma suffer from acid reflux as well. I was told by my asthma and allergy doctor that asthma and acid reflux almost always go hand and hand. After cutting out soda my acid reflux does still act up but it is almost unnoticeable now.

The next step I did was cut out eggs. This actually isn’t that hard. Eggs are a mucus membrane substance and can cause an increase and thickening of mucus in the human body. By removing eggs from my diet I can thin out the mucus that clogs my bronchial tubes and cause me asthma issues. This will also lower some of the sinus reactions I get from allergies.

The last and by far the hardest diet change is cutting out dairy. So many things I eat have dairy. Desserts, cheese, butter, milk and all protein supplements are based on milk and eggs. Milk has been proven to thicken mucus.

Studies show it has no effects on creating more but the thickening is the issue that hurts my asthma and allergies. The fat in milk is not a mucus, but the stuff that comes out with the milk is. There are far more worse things in milk other than mucus you need to be worried about.

I will track my health, weightlifting performance, asthma and allergies as I make this change and see how they change with it.

We’ll check back with James soon. As you can see, his journal entry was from a few weeks ago, meaning I can publish his 2nd and 3rd entry dates sooner than a week from now.

Please feel free to share your testimonial as well! Leave a comment sharing your “100% dairy/egg free testimonial.” I may even be interested in featuring you in an upcoming “Dairy & Egg Free Testimonials”. I am looking for people who are as passionate as I am about showing the link between eggs/dairy and mucus/sinus/allergies.

My email is nickshell1983@hotmail.com.

I want to make it public knowledge that “cheese makes you sneeze.” In other words, consuming dairy and eggs is the reason why people have mucus that is any other color than clear.

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