The Obligatory Facebook Picture Of Your Kid With Santa

December 16, 2012 at 10:05 pm , by 

2 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

Yesterday Mommy and I took you to the Bass Pro Shop to get your picture made (for free!) with Santa. Despite our low expectations about how you would react, it went very well…

We were first in line, out of hundreds. More importantly, to my surprise, you didn’t cry.

Granted, I warned/prepared you all week:

“Jack, do you want to meet Santa on Saturday? Do you want Santa to hold you?”

Your response was always a grunted version of yes.

The more I thought about the concept all week, the more I realized how going to meet Santa Claus is sort of…peculiar.

There is no other situation where parents encourage their kids to sit on a stranger’s lap and get their picture taken.

At best, it compares a little bit to Halloween; how parents take their kids around the neighborhood peddling for candy. Under any other circumstances, that would never happen.

Still, I think going to visit Santa is a very cool and memorable thing.

Something that especially stood out to me when we met Santa at the Bass Pro Shop is that the last thing he said to you was “I love you.” And he said it like he meant it; like a grandfather would say it. He said it like he was waiting for a response.

I think about all the children who went after you in the Santa line. Not all of them hear “I love you” from a father figure as much as you do.

So here it is; this is the obligatory picture of you with Santa that I shared on Facebook. You may not remember it happening. Either way, I’m sure we’ll be back at Bass Pro Shops again for your Santa picture next year.