Dear Holly: I Took You to Preschool for the Final Time This Week

5 years, 3 months.

Dear Holly,

You start Kindergarten next Friday. And with us leaving today to go on one last little summer vacation, that means these past few days were the final times I would take you to preschool or pick you up.

More specifically, this makes the last time that I as a parent will walk into a preschool for one of my children.

Your brother was finishing up preschool when you were born.

So this makes the first time in over a decade that we as a family are truly graduating from preschool.

I’m taking it all in. A chapter in our lives is closing- and another is beginning.



Dear Holly: Your Boyfriend Brooks?

5 years, 2 months.

Dear Holly,

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have used art as a way to illustrate things that fascinate and inspire them.

This past weekend, you were unashamed in your proclamation of your “boyfriend” Brooks, from your preschool class.

Granted, this is no surprise to me. When Mommy or I go to pick you up in the afternoons from school and Brooks is still there too, he says to you, “Holly… hug!”

Just a few weeks ago, right in front of me, he told you, “Holly, remember… I’m going to marry you one day!”

I’ve even met both of his parents in the process of picking you up from school, too. They have heard the same stories from Brooks.

So I guess we’ll see how all this pans out in about 20 years!



Dear Holly: Your Preschool Graduation!

5 years.

For most of your life, and definitely for all of your life you can actually remember, you have been enrolled at the same Christian preschool.

That means teachers who were your teachers when you were an infant have watched you grow into a 5 year-old girl.

Many members of the staff have made a point to tell me how much they are going to miss you once you leave for Kindergarten in a couple months.

Tonight, Mommy and I attended your official preschool graduation. We are so proud of you!

While it is a bit sad to think how you are old enough to be leaving preschool, I know you are going to love moving up to Kindergarten!






Dear Jack: Reuniting with Your Friends from Preschool, 8 Years Later

8 years, 9 months.

You were 6 months old when you started going to preschool, at KinderCare. It was the summer of 2011 when you first met your friends Avery and Madison.

Though you were the oldest, it wasn’t by much, as the girls were both just a couple of months younger than you.

When we moved into our new house in January 2015, you stopped going to their preschool; not only because we moved you to a different preschool, but because Kindergarten would be starting later that year anyway.

Our families have continued to get together a couple of times each year since then.

This past weekend, our families all met together at Burger Up.

I took a picture of the 3 of you; all having recently started 3rd grade. It was 8 years ago that you all met. And you’re still hanging out after all these years!

Dear Jack,



Dear Jack: Your 1st Day of Pre-K at Rainbow Child Care Center

4 years, 9 months.


Dear Jack,

Last week while our family was on vacation in California, your preschool Rainbow Child Care Center opened its new Pre-K classroom.

So this Tuesday was your first day of Pre-K. I put together this little 90 second video from that morning as I dropped you off.

As you can see from the video, we have a 2015 Toyota Avalon this week which I am reviewing, so I decided to include it in the video. After all, the fancy car ride there was a big part of your 1st day of Pre-K.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I don’t feel that you’re growing up way too fast. Instead, I feel you’re growing up at the right speed.

It makes sense it my head that you’re nearly 5 years old and are just a year away from staring Kindergarten. And I think you feel the same way. You seem proud to be big boy.

Speaking of your new Pre-K classroom, here’s the video you and I made together a few weeks about it:

When we came back from California this week and checked the mail, you had received your prize money from winning 2nd place in the Williamson County Fair Lego Competition.

Dear Jack: You Won 2nd Place in the County Lego Competition!

Mommy took you to go spend your $20 earnings. You purchased a $15 toy: the Hot Wheels Snap Rides Truck and Trailer.

It’s something you’ve been talking about for weeks. You love getting to build your own vehicles.


This whole time I thought you would end up spending your prize money on more Legos, but it also makes sense that you’d buy cars you can build as well.

As we get settled back in from vacation this week, I’ll be working on several more videos and pictures from California.

We had a lot of fun! I can’t wait to share!