Dear Holly: Your Boyfriend Brooks?

5 years, 2 months.

Dear Holly,

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have used art as a way to illustrate things that fascinate and inspire them.

This past weekend, you were unashamed in your proclamation of your “boyfriend” Brooks, from your preschool class.

Granted, this is no surprise to me. When Mommy or I go to pick you up in the afternoons from school and Brooks is still there too, he says to you, “Holly… hug!”

Just a few weeks ago, right in front of me, he told you, “Holly, remember… I’m going to marry you one day!”

I’ve even met both of his parents in the process of picking you up from school, too. They have heard the same stories from Brooks.

So I guess we’ll see how all this pans out in about 20 years!



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