Dear Holly: I Took You to Preschool for the Final Time This Week

5 years, 3 months.

Dear Holly,

You start Kindergarten next Friday. And with us leaving today to go on one last little summer vacation, that means these past few days were the final times I would take you to preschool or pick you up.

More specifically, this makes the last time that I as a parent will walk into a preschool for one of my children.

Your brother was finishing up preschool when you were born.

So this makes the first time in over a decade that we as a family are truly graduating from preschool.

I’m taking it all in. A chapter in our lives is closing- and another is beginning.



Dear Holly: Your 1st Ever Show-and-Tell at School

5 years, 1 month.

Dear Holly,

Last week made the first official time I ever recall you having a show-and-tell at your school.

I helped you prepare what to say, in case you didn’t know once it was your turn.

You chose the Wellie Wishers doll that you got for your 1st birthday from American Girl.

Back when we bought it for you, Mommy and I chose the Willa one because she had strawberry blonde hair and an adventurous personality.

Four years letter, the prophecy came true; as the little girl version of you has definitely fulfilled our prediction!

Your teacher immediately agreed!



Dear Jack: Papa’s New Customized Tractor Machine Car Thing

10 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

Last weekend when we showed up in Alabama for Memorial Day Weekend, Papa had a surprise waiting for you to enjoy. The thing is, I still don’t know what the thing is…

I don’t know what it’s called- if it has a name.

But Papa took an old riding mower and customized it to go much faster; like a heavy duty, off road go-kart.

It was just your speed- both literally and metaphorically speaking. You loved it!

I get the feeling that Papa will continue to add more to it each time we see it again.



Dear Jack: The BB Gun Range at My 40th Birthday Party

10 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

This past weekend we hosted my 40th birthday party in Alabama at Nonna and Papa’s house. Amazingly, your friend Landon and his family drove there too; though they live in the neighborhood next to ours in Tennessee!

I know it was a lot of fun to be able to hang out with one of your best friends… in a different state, 3 hours away!

Papa and I set up a “BB Gun Range” for you and your friends to shoot aluminum cans at in the woods behind the house.

You guys thought it was hilarious when Landon shot a BB and it got stuck right there in the middle of an acorn.

And having an April birthday, I was so grateful it only rained that morning, and stopped an hour before the party began.

Otherwise, we couldn’t have opened the BB gun range!



Dear Jack: Teaching You to Beat Me at Monopoly

10 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

This holiday season, I have officially introduced you to the classic board game of Monopoly. Sure, we’ve always owned a set at our house, but it’s simply served as an easy way for you and your sister to keep each other entertained when Mommy and I need to get work done.

Prime example: When the Covid shutdown happened earlier this year.

But I decided to spend some of my own money on a nice Monopoly set for us to actually play together, by the rules.

It is no surprise to me that I’ve only beat you at Monopoly once so far.