Dear Jack: Your 1st Day of Pre-K at Rainbow Child Care Center

4 years, 9 months.


Dear Jack,

Last week while our family was on vacation in California, your preschool Rainbow Child Care Center opened its new Pre-K classroom.

So this Tuesday was your first day of Pre-K. I put together this little 90 second video from that morning as I dropped you off.

As you can see from the video, we have a 2015 Toyota Avalon this week which I am reviewing, so I decided to include it in the video. After all, the fancy car ride there was a big part of your 1st day of Pre-K.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I don’t feel that you’re growing up way too fast. Instead, I feel you’re growing up at the right speed.

It makes sense it my head that you’re nearly 5 years old and are just a year away from staring Kindergarten. And I think you feel the same way. You seem proud to be big boy.

Speaking of your new Pre-K classroom, here’s the video you and I made together a few weeks about it:

When we came back from California this week and checked the mail, you had received your prize money from winning 2nd place in the Williamson County Fair Lego Competition.

Dear Jack: You Won 2nd Place in the County Lego Competition!

Mommy took you to go spend your $20 earnings. You purchased a $15 toy: the Hot Wheels Snap Rides Truck and Trailer.

It’s something you’ve been talking about for weeks. You love getting to build your own vehicles.


This whole time I thought you would end up spending your prize money on more Legos, but it also makes sense that you’d buy cars you can build as well.

As we get settled back in from vacation this week, I’ll be working on several more videos and pictures from California.

We had a lot of fun! I can’t wait to share!




Effective Immediately: New Facebook Game- I Am Now Deleting Friends Who are Regularly and Continually Negative and/or Vulgar (Plus, How to Actually Delete Facebook Friends)

The Rules: If you have been making a habit of posting negative facebook statuses, the next time it happens, you get deleted.

It’s not you… it’s me.  For my own sanity, I have to reduce noise pollution in my own life.  Though I was at skeptical at first, realizing a campaign like this might come across as… rude or judgmental… I’ve already received some positive feedback on it.  So I know there are others who understand where I’m coming from on it. This is what I need to do to be able to afford to keep enjoying facebook:

By enjoying the quality of friends- not the quantity of friends.

Nearly a month ago, I started a new facebook game where I promised to delete any facebook friend who complained about Monday’s. Fortunately, word evidently got out and I have yet to find anyone to delete. Though I admit I was trigger happy, at least my plan worked.  Now I’m taking it a broad step further.

I am a realistic and practical optimist.  I understand that life isn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows, and I understand the importance of emphasizing with someone when they are going through a tough time.  But not all the time… if it’s on facebook.  I am a facebook friend, not a facebook psychiatrist.  (Though I would gladly counsel and help anyone who privately asked me.)

In fact, I went ahead and got a good taste of blood about 30 minutes ago by deleting three friends.  I liked it, a lot.  I’ve been on facebook since March 2005, and I finally got motivated enough to actually delete some people.  Just to make sure we’re clear on what constitutes as being “continually negative/or vulgar”, I’ll give a few examples of what it takes to get deleted:

*make a habit of complaining about the ups and downs of your dating relationships

*often show disrespect to either gender by classifying them all as the bad stereotype, though you yourself are the one constantly attracting and being attracted to that kind of undatable person

*dare to practice tasteless attempts at being funny (ex: using rape as comic material, badmouthing other religions, making fun of physical or mental handicaps, etc.)

*use extreme profanity (when it comes to facebook etiquette, it goes without saying there is no need to use the “f-word” or other sexual slurs, as well as religious slurs or starting religious/anti-religious arguments)

Why have I invented this exciting new facebook game?  Is it to try to be funny? No… that’s only about 5% of the reason.  The main reason is because I have recently begun making a deliberate effort to shape my own reality.  No two people share the same reality. But what we see in front of us day after day can often become what we accept as reality.

And honestly, I don’t need any extra negativity in my life.  There’s no need in allowing more people to add to the noise.  I’m not asking for a PG rated version of life, but I am the kind of guy who appreciates a touch of class.  There has to be some standard of dignity on facebook that I can expect to see each day.  Some people quit facebook all together over stuff like this.  This is my way of taking matters into my own hands, on my own terms.

*Please note: I don’t care what coarse language or subject matter that a person uses in the real world, since that is a person’s private life, but… facebook is not part of our private lives, even though there is an illusion that is.  Facebook is personal, but definitely not private.  I am weeding out the people who have difficulty seeing the difference between the two, for my own sake, not theirs.

If I delete you, the only way you can be welcomed back in the fold is by submitting a 200 word essay explaining why I should accept your friend request and you will have to post it on my facebook wall once I approve you as a friend.  Bribes are encouraged.

This is an open game.  Anyone is welcome to join.

Bonus: How to Delete a Facebook Friend

1.  Look on the left hand side of your screen, whether on your profile or your home page on facebook.  Click on “Friends”

2.  Next, click “Edit Friends”.

3.  Type in the person’s name in the search box.

4. Click on the “x” next to their name when you see it.

5.  Lastly, click “Remove From Friends”.

And that, my friends, is how you lose friends.  On purpose, that is.