Dear Jack: You’re a Love Letter-Writing Slime Pirate Who Draws Dragons that Breathe Out Fire in More Ways than One

5 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack: You’re a Love Letter-Writing Slime Pirate

Dear Jack,

I feel it’s pretty easy these days to entertain people on my Instagram. I just simply take a picture of you when I come home from work each day.

Because typically, you’re into something interesting.

Tuesday as soon as I got in the door, you were having fun playing with a small container of slime that Mommy and I got you a while back.

“Look Daddy, I’m a pirate!” you proclaimed.

Clearly, that was your invitation to me to take a picture and share it with everyone.

After I snapped the picture, you bragged, “Daddy, I kept my eye open while the slime was covering it.”

In case “slime pirate” wasn’t a legitimate term before, it is now. You were a slime pirate.

That was funny enough, but on Monday, as we were finishing up dinner, you handed Mommy a sealed envelope.

You were so proud for her to open it.

The letter mainly consisted of variations of the word “boo,” which other than your name, which is one of the words you feel most confident spelling and writing.

Mommy read your letter out loud. There was one particular word that actually made sense. Mommy and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“You’re reading it upside-down,” you explained.

Turning the letter the other way revealed that your own name was now showing, but everything else was now more confusing.

I’m still not really sure what the letter was intended to say.

Whatever you believed the letter said, I’m sure it was kind, loving words for Mommy.

Actually, I’m pretty confused that as you wrote down random concepts of words on that paper, you had hoped that would magically translate into words than actually made sense; as if that’s how writing a letter works.

Either way, your love letter to Mommy was well received.

And then there was yesterday, too. I discovered your artwork. Amazingly, Mommy didn’t notice it first:

A dragon that clearly is able to breathe out fire, but not from this mouth…



Dear Jack: It’s Amazing You Drew That/Hot Air Balloons Overhead In Nashville

3 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack: It's Amazing You Drew That/Hot Air Balloons Overhead In Nashville

Dear Jack,

Today as I was driving to pick you up from KinderCare, I noticed two hot air balloons on the lawn next to the road; about a block away from your school.

As soon as I walked out to the playground where you were, your teacher Ms. Michelle made a point to show me your amazing work of art.

Seriously, I’m so impressed by this monster truck you drew today after you woke up from your nap. Ms. Michelle assured me you received no help from anyone, nor did you use stencils or anything like that. This is all you.

So as we were walking back to the car, as I very carefully handled your drawing, I looked up into the sky, then yelled, “Jack! Hot air balloons!

We obviously took advantage of the moment and admired them together. When you see two hot air balloons flying overhead like that, it sort of forces you to just stop and take it all in.

It’s almost… magical to watch.


Granted, Mommy and I actually went on a hot air balloon ride last year in Sacramento. (Click here for the story or here for the pictures on Facebook.)

Yet still, I was still in awe at the sight of hot air balloons; and of course you were too.

As we drove home, I kept thinking about how excited I was to show Mommy your picture of the monster truck. As your teacher Ms. Michelle had suggested, I was thinking we should frame it.

However, the moment we walked in the door, your top priority was having Mommy cut out the picture, like we do on the weekends when you have me draw pictures of your Disney Planes toys; to make it sort of like a toy, I suppose is the theory…

So while we can’t frame your magnificent work of art, at least we can still hang it on the fridge. Not to mention, I wrote this story for you so that it lives on as well.



These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear (And Funny Drawings Of Anteaters!)

3 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

I just want to bookmark which stage of childhood you are in right now. These are the days of you dressing your stuffed animals in your own “big boy underwear.”

It would be one thing if these specially dressed animals stayed indoors where only Mommy and I knew about them.

But… nope.

Each morning you choose an underwear-wearing stuffed animal to ride in the car with you on the ride to school. Then the privileged creature gets to be placed in your cubby all day while you learn.

At the end of each school day, with much pride, you remove your animal from the cubby for the ride home.

Let me just say it again:

Your animals are wearing your own underwear. And you are the one who picks out which pair of your underwear they wear, then you put the underwear on them.

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

That’s hilarious!

But part of what makes this so funny is that you don’t appear to be trying to be funny or ironic, in the least bit.

It’s as if you are treating Ellie (your much worn-out purple elephant) and Pandy (your panda bear, who like Ellie, is also a $5 Kohl’s purchase from the check-out counter) as peers who are legitimately encountering the transition to “big boy underwear” as you are.

I don’t know how many other 4 year-old boys in America are doing the same thing right now, but I know that I did the same thing was I was about your age.

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

Something else you’re doing these days that I feel is definitely defining you is your funny and creative drawings you do at school each day.

I think I might need to start up a special folder to start saving them in the Facebook page for Family Friendly Daddy Blog in a photo album simply called “Jack’s Art.”

These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear

As for now, I’ll leave you with my current personal favorite; this picture you drew of “an anteater that ate a monster.”



These Are The Days Of Stuffed Animals Wearing Underwear