Kids’ Christmas 2018 Wish List: Calico Critters Town Grand Department Store Gift Set, Plus Designer Studio

If you’re currently looking for a very special gift for a child this upcoming Christmas season, take a look at the Calico Critters Town Grand Department Store Gift Set.

The folks at Calico Critters sent my family one, along with the Designer Studio.

I made an unboxing video, which you can watch above, as I show the set in action.

The Grand Department Store Gift Set consists of an elevator, a revolving door, a Chocolate Lounge, a Boutique Fashion Set, a Fashion Showcase Set, and a Cosmetic Beauty Set.

I need to note, though, these toys contain small parts; which are not intended for use by children under the age of 3. So adult supervision is required for children that young.

The Grand Department Store Gift Set is designed as a base for other attachable sets, to further build your town square. We have the Designer Studio, for example.

There is also the Creamy Gelato Shop, the Delicious Restaurant, and the Ride Along Train.

My guess is by now, you are already familiar Calico Critters, and have at least half a dozen of the characters in your children’s playroom.

That definitely is the case at our house.

The Grand Department Store Gift Set will help bring all of your existing Calico Critters to life in an exciting new meeting place.

Hopefully you’ve watched my video at this point. Now, it’s time to click on this click to be magically transported to Amazon, where you can find this gift set for a great price, and even rack up some points well you’re at it.

And here’s a link specifically for the Designer Studio, as well.

The Calico Critters Town Grand Department Store Gift Set just might be that perfect special big gift that you’re looking for, as you are currently planning which gifts to buy your children for the 2018 Christmas season.

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Unboxing Of Annie’s “Grass Fed” Surprise Package

Last night as I got back from Jacksonville for Toyota’s “Family Reunion Preview”, I noticed there was a box waiting there for me at the door.

I have been expecting a book that I will be reviewing about managing time as a family in the age of smart phones, so I thought that’s what it was. However, this box was bigger and heavier than a box for a paperback should be.

So after using my knife to cut open the box, I found a letter from Annie’s Homegrown. Plus, I felt something sort of cold, and moist, and alive, with the tips of my fingers.

My wife suggested that she film me opening the box; after all, people apparently love “unboxings” these days.

And that’s exactly what happened. What you see in the video below is completely unscripted, unplanned, and unpracticed:

As you can see from this unboxing video, Annie’s sent my son 2 boxes of their new “grass fed, organic, non-GMO” mac and cheese along with a really cool wooden plant holder with live grass to celebrate their new grass fed mac and cheese.

Like I said in the unboxing video, I accept their grass plant as an early housewarming gift; as we are scheduled to close on our new house on January 29th, with our townhouse currently on the market as of this week.

Something I am quick to point out is that I strictly only feature brands and products I believe in.

Unboxing Of Annie’s “Grass Fed” Surprise

Just in the past month, I’ve turned down about $450 in gift cards because between 3 different companies all reaching out to me, wanting me to promote their products on Family Friendly Daddy Blog. However, their products include high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and dyes, and were obviously not organic or non-GMO.

With that being said, I’ve always proudly believed in Annie’s Homegrown. It’s hard to argue with that non-GMO label on their boxes.

I’m happy for Annie’s and I’m happy to see them growing as a company, finding larger distribution.

Thanks to Annie’s for helping me be able to spread the good word about food without GMO’s and artificial junk!

Unboxing Of OkieDog Wildpack Rolling Luggage Dragon: Family Friendly Review

Just in time for our big annual family vacation to Sacramento, Okiedog asked me to review their new Wildpack rolling luggage. So I asked my 3 and a half year-old son to choose between the panda, rabbit, dog, and dragon.

He already has the panda backback, plus he’s really getting into dinosaurs and dragons. So he chose the dragon, which has plush wings. Here is my unboxing video:

Okiedog complies with all safety standards, has high quality and are made from very durable materials. Their children’s bags are PVC-, Phthalate- AZO- and BPA-free.

As you can see, there is a built in, easy-access mesh pocket inside the luggage. Plus, it was very easy for my son to pull by himself; it weighs 28 ounces- less than 2 pounds.

The rolling luggage line featuers a 3D design, is water resistant, and contains an interior write-on name tag. The height, with the handle extended, is 18.9 inches (or 48 cm).

unboxking okiedog rolling luggage dragon

All 4 characters versions of the Okiedog rolling luggage are priced at $34.95.

I have to say, Okiedog products really stand out. They have such a unique look. It’s the kind of situation where with the panda backpack, as well as the “daddy diaper bag,” people just have to ask me:

“Where did you get that? I’ve never seen one like that before!”

Obviously, I just review products, I don’t sell them, but here’s a link to the Okiedog site in case you’re curious to find out exactly where I did get that: Use code “dadblog” good for 20% off purchase at Good until 7/31/14.

Thanks for visiting the Family Friendly Daddy Blog. You never know what I will review next… could be a recipe, could be car, could be travel spot.

See you soon!

Unboxing Of “Everything Is Awesome” Edition Of The Lego Movie: Family Friendly Review

I’ve probably earned a reputation on by now, as their daddy blogger, of being quite the fan of The Lego Movie. That suits me well though, because I was asked by Lego to review the Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie.

Everything Is Awesome Lego Movie Unboxing Review

With that being said, check out the unboxing video that I did, along with my 3 and a half year-old son who helped me out:

The Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie includes the Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Ultraviolet (enabling you to watch it on your TV, computer, tablet and smartphone. Plus, the Bonus 3D movie is included as well.

Special featuers on the 2D Blu-Ray include a “brick’s eye view” of Emmet’s adventures, showing you how bricks were born in Bringing Lego To Life. Not to mention, there is are director/star commentary, outtakes, Dream Job: Meet The Lego Builders, and the “Everything Is Awesome” Sing-Along.

Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie

Goodies inside the Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie include Vitruvius and President Business minifigures; which are the “Lego Man” versions of those two movie characters.

There is also a fun 14-page Meet The Characters book which contains 13 stickers, as well as games and puzzles.

Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie release date June 17, 2014

As the unboxing video demonstrates, a 3D Emmet Photo is inside is well. If I was a little boy, I’d want that displayed proudly on my dresser in my room!

So there is my overview of what all you get with the Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie. The official release date is Tuesday, June 17th. (Just in time for family vacation!)

Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie

But as for my son, he was able to enjoy it a few days sooner, as you can see him in a “Lego Movie trance” during dinner; in the photo collage above.

And the 2000 piece Lego box provided some good quotes from my son, like, “Daddy, make a Trans-grasshopper-former.”

As well as, “I like my new Legos because it’s a big block. Daddy, the big block is the garage.”

Thanks for visiting the Family Friendly Daddy Blog. I wonder what I will review next?