Dear Jack: Your Roblox Advent Calendar

11 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

Something you spent some of your birthday money on from last month was a Roblox “Action” Advent Calendar. I think it was a very good use of your money.

I have enjoyed how each morning before school, you lead your sister in discovering the new Christmas-themed Roblox toy for that day.

It makes me wonder if this will be your final Christmas to still care about toys at all?

You’re getting to where you love collecting hoodies- as well as pursuing cool shoes, to set you apart from your classmates.

Christmas is only a week away now. I am very excited for what we have planned!



Dear Jack: My Old GameCube is Your New Switch

10 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Since your cousin got a new Nintendo Switch, and since some of your other friends in 4th grade got a Switch, you have been asking about the possibility of getting one too.

However, I was able to effectively get you to forget all about it…

I officially introduced you to my Nintendo GameCube from college; along with my decent sized library of games; most of which I never actually played, because I just bought them on clearance once the Wii game out.

Your favorite is One Piece: Grand Adventure; which is a pirate-themed fighting game. You’re better at it than me now!



Dear Holly: Using Your Pink Jeep to Haul Around a Rotting Pumpkin

4 years, 8 months.

Dear Holly,

This past weekend, though the weather was barely warm enough to do so, we spent some time outside so you could play in your new Jeep you got for Christmas.

Your brother decided to take an old pumpkin that has been sitting on our front porch since Autumn and began to have fun destroying it in the cul-de-sac.

Your new Jeep was used to carry that heavy load around until your brother found a good spot to roll it down the hill.

It’s a good thing you have hefty new vehicle to help in events like this one!



Dear Jack: Cutting Open a Shark on Christmas Morning

10 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

What to get a 10 year-old boy for Christmas in 2020?

It definitely was a Fortnite-themed season for you, as you now have 10 of the action figures; as well as a tower for them to climb and a remote controlled golf cart for them to ride on.

This is all despite you never actually playing the video game that the Fortnite characters are based on.

But you were also very excited about the Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark.

You discretely pulled out the plastic red knife included with the toy, then proceeded to cut open the shark’s stomach.

Mission accomplished:

You successfully pulled out a handful of orange slime in order to rescue to the alien inside!

Sounds about right for a 10 year-old boy on Christmas morning 2020.



Dear Holly: Getting Some Christmas Presents Early in the Mail

4 years, 7 months.

Dear Holly,

When you have so many family members spread across the United States, it’s going to mean that you’re bound to get a few Christmas presents early, in the mail.

You spent most of last weekend creating Play-Doh snacks, thanks to the huge new factory you received.

It was convenient for Mommy and me, as we needed to spend a lot of time moving furniture around upstairs, to prepare for the new carpet that was about to be installed.

I ate as many of your treats as I could. Good thing Play-Doh calories don’t carry the same weight as real food!