Dear Holly: You Chose a Shopping Spree Over a Birthday Party!

7 years.

Dear Holly,

Mommy and I have always went all out for your birthday parties. However, this year, as we prepared the expenses of planning your 7th birthday party, we came up with a simple proposal for you:

What if we simply gave you cash for half of the expense that a birthday party with your friends would have cost us?

With no hesitation, you agreed to our deal.

So a trip to Walmart and Target, with a handful of 20 dollar bills, was your “birthday party” this year.

And you were so happy!

As you stated to Mommy and I a few months ago:

“Money is my BFF!”





Dear Holly: You are Finally Really into Barbie Dolls Now!

6 years, 6 months.

Dear Holly,

I figured you missed the boat, when it came to caring about Barbie dolls. I assumed that you just happened to be a girl who never really got into them. I didn’t give it much thought.

But clearly, at age 6 and a half, you totally care about Barbie dolls now!

Last weekend, you managed to scrape together all the loose change and 2 dollar bills you could find in your room, and were able to buy an 8 dollar Chelsea doll to add to your now growing collection.

I get the feeling this might be a Barbie kind of Christmas…



Dear Holly: You Love Your New Mirabel Doll

6 years, 3 months.

Dear Holly,

After watching your brother spend some big money this week on his new 6th grade shoes, you decided it was time for you to spend some of your own money as well.

Your favorite thing to watch right now is a YouTube channel where a lady plays with Encanto dolls. That convinced you that it was vital to buy your very own Mirabel doll.

Apparently, this doll is in demand, because after looking it up online, Mommy had to drive to the next town over to take you to buy it.

For the past week, Mirabel has never left your side.

You treat her like a baby… even though technically, she’s 15 years old.




Dear Jack: Your Roblox Advent Calendar

11 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

Something you spent some of your birthday money on from last month was a Roblox “Action” Advent Calendar. I think it was a very good use of your money.

I have enjoyed how each morning before school, you lead your sister in discovering the new Christmas-themed Roblox toy for that day.

It makes me wonder if this will be your final Christmas to still care about toys at all?

You’re getting to where you love collecting hoodies- as well as pursuing cool shoes, to set you apart from your classmates.

Christmas is only a week away now. I am very excited for what we have planned!



Dear Jack: My Old GameCube is Your New Switch

10 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Since your cousin got a new Nintendo Switch, and since some of your other friends in 4th grade got a Switch, you have been asking about the possibility of getting one too.

However, I was able to effectively get you to forget all about it…

I officially introduced you to my Nintendo GameCube from college; along with my decent sized library of games; most of which I never actually played, because I just bought them on clearance once the Wii game out.

Your favorite is One Piece: Grand Adventure; which is a pirate-themed fighting game. You’re better at it than me now!