Parental Review of the New Wonder Woman Movie: Is It Kid-Friendly?


I noticed this morning in my blog stats that someone found my blog by Googling, “Wonder Woman Family Friendly Reviews 2017”. So I guess that obligates me do actually do a parental review of the new Wonder Woman movie. Yes, the free market has demonstrated there is a demand for this!

So… here ya go America!

My answer is ultimately no. No, the new Wonder Woman movie is not “kid-friendly”. If it were, it wouldn’t be the great movie that it is. The fact that it’s not juvenile gives it credibility and makes Diana Prince a believable protagonist with a healthy character arc.

Wonder Woman is ultimately a PG-13 rated World War II movie containing strong elements of Greek mythology.

Let’s break it down by issues parents might be concerned in regards to their children watching this movie…

Language: There is noticeably very little profanity. Other than the word “hell”, and a few uses of the word “bloody” (which I understand is a curse word in the United Kingdom), I didn’t notice any other language that parents would deem as inappropriate for a child to be exposed to.

Sexuality/Nudity: Depending on your level of conservatism, some parents might feel somewhat concerned about Wonder Woman’s outfit, though I personally do not feel it is overly revealing. The closest thing to nudity is actually a male character who is taking a bath in a cave. Wonder Woman walks in on him and he covers himself with his hands, as she naively sees no taboo in discovering a naked man. Lastly, there is an implied sexual relationship later, though nothing is shown beyond a “fully clothed” kiss.

Violence: Since this is indeed a World War II movie, there is obviously consistent violence. Of course, like most PG-13 rated movies these days, there is hardly any blood shown at all. There are multiple on -screen deaths shown, however.

That’s all you need to know. Would you feel comfortable taking your child to see this movie, knowing what I have revealed? It’s your call. I don’t judge you either way.

This is seriously an awesome movie though!

Unboxing Of “Everything Is Awesome” Edition Of The Lego Movie: Family Friendly Review

I’ve probably earned a reputation on by now, as their daddy blogger, of being quite the fan of The Lego Movie. That suits me well though, because I was asked by Lego to review the Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie.

Everything Is Awesome Lego Movie Unboxing Review

With that being said, check out the unboxing video that I did, along with my 3 and a half year-old son who helped me out:

The Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie includes the Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Ultraviolet (enabling you to watch it on your TV, computer, tablet and smartphone. Plus, the Bonus 3D movie is included as well.

Special featuers on the 2D Blu-Ray include a “brick’s eye view” of Emmet’s adventures, showing you how bricks were born in Bringing Lego To Life. Not to mention, there is are director/star commentary, outtakes, Dream Job: Meet The Lego Builders, and the “Everything Is Awesome” Sing-Along.

Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie

Goodies inside the Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie include Vitruvius and President Business minifigures; which are the “Lego Man” versions of those two movie characters.

There is also a fun 14-page Meet The Characters book which contains 13 stickers, as well as games and puzzles.

Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie release date June 17, 2014

As the unboxing video demonstrates, a 3D Emmet Photo is inside is well. If I was a little boy, I’d want that displayed proudly on my dresser in my room!

So there is my overview of what all you get with the Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie. The official release date is Tuesday, June 17th. (Just in time for family vacation!)

Everything Is Awesome Edition of The Lego Movie

But as for my son, he was able to enjoy it a few days sooner, as you can see him in a “Lego Movie trance” during dinner; in the photo collage above.

And the 2000 piece Lego box provided some good quotes from my son, like, “Daddy, make a Trans-grasshopper-former.”

As well as, “I like my new Legos because it’s a big block. Daddy, the big block is the garage.”

Thanks for visiting the Family Friendly Daddy Blog. I wonder what I will review next?


X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Family Friendly Movie Review

This past weekend, I went with my friends Dave and Jet to go see X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Today, I want to share my “family friendly movie review” of it.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie review

In other words, despite the PG-13 rating, at what age would it truly be okay for you to take your child to see this movie. That’s not a question I can answer for you.

But sort of look at me as a parent friend who is briefly examining the movie for you to decide if it will be a good choice for a child to see- and what age that child should be.

So let’s get started.

Profanity: They use pretty much every word in the book once, including one “f” and one “gd”, as well as an “a-hole.”

Violence: No blood, but several on-screen deaths and constant action throughout.

Sex/Nudity: There is an implied “morning after” scene involving Wolverine and a woman he doesn’t really know after he travels to 1973 and instantly wakes up in bed next to her; not knowing what’s going on. He steps out of bed and looks out the window, while the audience sees his bare butt for a few seconds.

X-Men Days Of Future Past

Other than that, there is the fact that Jennifer Lawrence (of The Hunger Games) is wearing the equivalent of a skin-tight, one piece bathing suit for almost the entire time she is on screen- which is a lot of the movie. For what it’s worth, she’s entirely blue because she’s a mutant.

Overall: This is a solid movie; worth paying full price for. Not as awesome as Captain America: The Winter Soldier– that’s definitely the comic book movie to beat for this year… However, the plot, the acting, the production, I feel none of it is lacking.

I will point out that the plot does seem to resemble Inception, which also features Ellen Page. Both movies involve travelling into a person’s subconscious to attempt to change their conscious actions.

X-Men Days Of Future Past movie review

But seriously, no complaints!

With that being said, I’m a 33 year-old man. After hearing me describe this much about X-Men: Days Of Future Past, does it sound like the kind of movie you would be okay with your child seeing?

For me, thinking back to my own childhood, I believe that a 12 year-old boy could be mature enough to see this movie. That’s how old I was when Jurassic Park came out and I saw it in the theatre.


Decide for yourself what is best.

Thanks for reading my “family friendly movie review.” I wonder what I will see next?