Dear Holly: You and Your Brother Like to Use Each Other as a Pillow

3 years.

Dear Holly,

You and your brother have this habit after dinner of lazily laying around on the carpet, as you both sort of roll around on each other.

Or maybe it’s more like you are using each other as a pillow.

You even has this habit of putting your feet right in his face, as if you’re trying to use your toes to pick his nose!

But he is never are bothered by this.

Instead, the two of you begin laughing so loud by how silly it is.

Sometimes, you just have to be silly and lazy at the same time as your brother.



Dear Holly: Having a Big Brother is Pretty Great

1 year, 6 months.

Dear Holly,

This past Monday morning after Mommy left for work, your brother invited you to join him on the couch, as it happened to be one of his days he’s allowed to watch Netflix on the Kindle before school. To accommodate what he correctly assumed would be your preference, he chose some kind of “Barbie Goes to Space” cartoon.

I looked up to see you and your brother sitting very close to each other, by choice. It was completely your brother’s idea and you immediately went along with it.

It’s not easy as a parent to be able to take your picture together and have you both smiling or looking happy. But this wasn’t for a picture. It was already happening and I was just fortunate enough to grab the camera in time.

Plus, you just happened to be wearing one of my favorite shirts you own.

It has a cloud raining down smiley candy. I just love the way you were cuddled up so close to your brother, quietly fascinated by whatever was playing on the screen your brother was holding.

I love the way he was more interested in being close to you than he was the Barbie show he was providing for you.

The thing is, your brother truly always wants to be near you. But right now, I am still in the process of helping him understand how to just hang out with you.

I am trying to teach him there is a time for light wrestling and crawling out on the carpet, but it’s not most of the time.

Instead, most of the time would be moments like this; where the two of you just chill out and lay low.

Eventually, the two of you will find that easier to do.

But for now, his natural inclination is to rush toward you like a mad bull, and you laugh and cheer, which only encourages his rambunctious behavior right before school, dinner, or bedtime.



Dear Holly: Riding on Your Brother Batman’s Shoulders

14 weeks.

Dear Holly: Riding on Your Brother Batman’s Shoulders

Dear Holly,

You now depend on Jack to entertain you each evening while Mommy and I finish preparing dinner. These days, we are able to lay you down on a blanket while Jack finds new ways to amuse you.

Earlier this week, Jack discovered his Batman mask from his Halloween costume two years ago in his closet. He also grabbed his favorite blanket and decided to “fly” around you, flapping his “cape” and regularly stopping abruptly in front you to proclaim, “Beware!”

From there, he would present you with a dramatic pause, as if to solicit a response of possible intimidation.

Each time, you instead presented him with a look that implied, “Okay, go on… What else ya got?”

Anytime he would stop pretending to be Batman for any reason, like getting himself some water or a snack real quick, you would make it known that he needed to return to his job post.

Dear Holly: Riding on Your Brother Batman’s Shoulders

You would turn your head from side to side, looking for him, then letting out a squeal to communicate to him, “Hey, come back… You have work to do!”

I think your brother is surprised that even though he is just randomly joking around, he is actually playing an important role in the family: His ability to entertain you is an asset; more so than he might realize.

And last weekend when Nonna and Papa were here, Jack recruited me to help him carry you on his shoulders. With my assistance, he carried you the distance from the living room to the dining room, and back, several times.

This shouldn’t have been something you liked. It didn’t make much sense that you went along with it and liked it. I can clearly see how your sibling relationship is developing with Jack.

His obscure ideas again prove that even when Jack doesn’t take himself seriously, you often do.



Dear Holly: Riding on Your Brother Batman’s Shoulders

Dear Holly: Oh, How Your Brother Loves You

12 weeks.

Dear Holly: Oh, How Your Brother Loves You

Dear Holly,

Leading up to your birth, your brother Jack adopted a baby doll that your Grandma intended to be for you. He named her Dolly.

It became quite obvious that he was practicing… for you. She was the main toy he played with, there for a while. He even snuggled with Dolly in his bed.

Since you arrived, I can’t remember even one time he’s played with Dolly. That’s because the real life Dolly is here now: That’s you, Holly.

He watches how Mommy and I treat you to learn what he should do. And it’s funny how awkward, yet sincere he is about it.

Dear Holly: Oh, How Your Brother Loves You

One of my favorite things I’ve heard him say to you so far, was when he said, in a falsetto voice:

“Ah, how sweet! Little baby’s got 5,000 eyeballs. Yes, she does!”

Another one of my favorites occurred this past weekend when Jack made a snow plow out of his Legos and gently pushed it against your side as you were laying down on your blanket:

“This truck’s gonna push little baby away. Isn’t that sweet? Ah, it is. Little Baby likes to get pushed by the truck! Yes, she does!”

I loved watching your reaction. It was as if you knew he was just trying to annoy you but at the same time play with you (which was likely the case on his end).

You gave this sort of bothered yell, as if to say, “Hey, stop it!” But then you instantly smirked, as if to imply you enjoyed the attention from your brother.

When people ask Jack how he likes having a baby sister, he never answers in a way that accurately represents how much he truly loves having your around.

He’ll shrug, or mumble.

But I see how he adores you; how he’s fascinated by you.

I know the truth. I see the truth every day.



Dear Holly: You are 2 Months Old Today!

2 months.

Dear Holly: You are 2 Months Old Today!

Dear Holly,

It was exactly 2 months ago today that our family was graced with your glorious arrival, in which Mommy amazingly gave birth to you with no epidural. You are everything I hoped you would be and more.

I love getting to go home each day and spend time with you. You are such a delight.

This week Mommy took you to the doctor for your newest check-up:

You are now 10 pounds, 2 ounces and 23.5 inches long; which puts you in the 38th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height.

If you remain growing at these proportions, I suppose you could end up being as tall as your brother, by the time you are both adults.

Speaking of Jack, I can tell you two are going to be really good for each other. Even if he’s just coming over to you to making funny noises in your face, you seem to like it.

And he’s so quick to help out Mommy and me when we need some help. He runs so fast to go find the burp cloth or the pacifier or the diaper that we need.

Having you as a sister is a really good thing for him. I feel you’ve arrived at the perfect time in his life. He’s less than 2 months away from starting Kindergarten; starting that new stage in his life.

Simply because of your existence, he is becoming more independent and mature.

I guess I need to start taking more pictures of the two of you together. A common question that Mommy and I get is, “Do Jack and Holly look alike?”

If nothing else, you both have the fairer toned skin; unlike Mommy and I who both have a sort of yellow-tinted olive complexion.

Happy 2 months! We have an exciting trip coming up in a few weeks…



Dear Holly: You are 2 Months Old Today!