Dear Holly: Your Brother is Practicing for You with a Baby Doll

32 weeks.

Dear Holly: Your Brother is Practicing for You with a Baby Doll

Dear Holly,

As we were spending the night at Nonna and Papa’s house last weekend, your brother Jack and I were looking through your Aunt Dana’s old dolls as Mommy was waking up.

I grabbed a naked Cabbage Patch doll and a blanket. Then, I covered up Mommy’s waist with the blanket and placed the doll underneath, then announced, “Oh, Jack… Mommy’s having the baby now!”

Jack’s eyes got big and he stood still anxiously beside the bed, as he watched me pull out the doll, feet first, from underneath the blanket.

It wasn’t until he saw the Cabbage Patch’s head that he realized it was a joke.

We all immediately began laughing, but I noticed how enthralled Jack was at what he thought was your birth.

When we got back to Tennessee, our family went to Target: Mommy was checking in on her registry; meanwhile, I hung out with Jack in the toy section.

I was not surprised to hear your brother’s first request: “Daddy, let’s see if they have any Cabbage Patch babies.”

The idea was now in his mind to practice taking care of a baby, in relation to your arrival.

(He’s been practicing drawing “babies in their diapers” at school this week.)

However, they only had “kid” Cabbage Patch dolls, no babies.

But then, once we arrived back at our house, we learned that, coincidently, your Grandma (Mommy’s Mommy) in California mailed you a baby doll this week. Quite immediately, your brother Jack took it upon himself to take care of it until you can.

Within minutes, he was rocking the doll in the swing. He also named it “Dollee,” which is not to be confused with “Dolly”: He was very specific about that.

Granted, your brother has a stuffed animal collection which is likely larger than that of the average 5 year-old boy. However, that’s not the same as playing with dolls.

He’s never expressed interest in pretending like a human baby doll was real; only animals.

Until now. “Dollee” is clearly the personification of Jack imagining and preparing what it will be like when you arrive.

Instead of Holly, it’s Dollee… for now.

Of course, he plays with Dollee like a boy would. Tonight, Dollee derailed a train.

Jack insisted that Dollee sleep in his bed with him. It’s very clear to me he is expressing his excitement about you getting here in about 8 weeks.



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