Fuller House Recaps- S1: E1, “Our Very First Show, Again”

Fuller House Recaps- S1: E1, “Our Very First Show, Again”

Since Fuller House premiered on February 26th, I assume most of us tuned in to watch it on Netflix out of curiosity more than anything.

Whether the show does well or not, I have decided to do a blog series recapping each of the 13 episodes; making a video recap as well.

So let’s get started…

In the first episode, “Our Very First Show, Again,” we are transported to the modern day Tanner house, where we see a reunion of the family before they disperse to begin new careers.

My main criticism right away for Fuller House is that DJ’s husband died. I am convinced that writers for TV shows don’t believe that a happy married couple can exist on a TV show.

It also bothers me that Stephanie (who is 34 years-old) lives the lifestyle of an irresponsible 25 year-old.

At least Joey grew up, it appears: He mentions that he had moved out of the house a long time ago, and he’s wearing a wedding band so we assumed he’s married- though no one talks about his wife.

Speaking of, Danny is married, apparently to an unnamed woman.

I was surprised to see Nicky and Alex, though their parents make them out to be disappointments.

We learn that soon-to-be divorced Kimmy Gibbler has her own party planning business, while widowed DJ is a vet.

And (divorced) Steve is back, making it clear right away he’s ready to get back with DJ.

I appreciate that the writers and producers are quick to poke fun at the show and its history, while still at the same time embracing elements of former episodes.

For example, in this episode, Uncle Jesse (as well as, Stephanie) sing “Forever”.

Be sure to watch my video recap for more details. If this blog recap does well, I’ll know to keeping writing these.

Thanks for reading (and watching) today.


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