Fuller House Recaps- S1: E2, “Moving Day”

Fuller House Recaps- S1: E2, “Moving Day”

In the 2nd episode of Fuller House, Kimmy Gibbler and her about-to-be 13 year-old daughter Ramona move in.

Here’s my criticism of this episode: Clearly, the Gibblers should share the entire attic. Considering that Uncle Jesse, Aunt Rebecca, Nicky and Alex lived up there, I am confident that two people, as opposed to 4, could make the space work.

But apparently to make the plot of the show (and this episode) more interesting, DJ’s older sons Jackson and Max must now share DJ and Stephanie’s old bedroom.

This actually turns out to be a pretty funny episode though.

It’s funny how Kimmy begins a tradition of referring to DJ and Stephanie as her “sister wives.”

And I laughed pretty hard during the scene where Stephanie accidentally leaves her cell phone in the baby’s diaper.

Meanwhile, Jackson secretly hides in Uncle Jesse’s truck to apparently attempt to run away.

I love the fact Uncle Jesse drives a truck, as his personal vehicle. I’ll assume it’s a Toyota because that’s my favorite brand of trucks.

We again see the 34 year-old Stephanie acting like she never grew up past the age of 24. But now that she’s moved into the house, and having to take on responsibilities, hopefully we’ll see begin to finally grow up.

She was the character I most identified with when I was a kid, as I am only a year older than her.

So in a weird way, it’s sad to see that she didn’t grow up to be more responsible as an adult now in her mid-thirties.

I plan to make an entire recap video on Stephanie’s character, but I’ll wait until I watch all 13 episodes before I do.

But even if and when she “grows up”, there is no doubt her character had some psychological issues that held her back.

Blame it on the middle child syndrome.

Thanks for reading my Fuller House Recap. I invite you to watch  my video version as well.

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