Fuller House Recaps- S1: E3, “Funner House”

Fuller House Recaps- S1: E3, “Funner House”

In this 3rd episode of Fuller House awkwardly entitled “Funner House”, we see a literally incredible event in which Uncle Joey (who is in his mid 50s) babysits the kids.

Despite apparently getting married (hence the black wedding ring) and moving out of the house many years ago, Joey Gladstone never had kids of his own.

I say this not only because he doesn’t mention any kids if he has them (though he doesn’t mention his wife either), but because he flies in from Las Vegas (to San Francisco) with a mini arsenal fully of wacky summer camp weapons of “family friendly violence” and leads the kids in wrecking the house with slime and other water-based ammunition.

A married man with kids of his own would not encourage such behavior.

And then at the end of the episode, after witnessing DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy getting accidentally slimed instead of him, he just laughs and walks away.

That is why I call the premise of this episode “literally incredible,” as in, not credible.

Though I do admit I really liked his toilet paper leaf blower.

I suppose I should mention the actual main plot of this episode, which concerns Stephanie and Kimmy taking DJ out for girls’ night.

We see a random opportunity for Stephanie to utilize her skills as a DJ and singer (?!), along with Macy Gray (?!).

The part I liked most about “Funner House” is that we see despite Kimmy soon-to-be-ex-husband there with another woman, there is definitely a spark of hope they may end up back together.

I don’t really care about DJ and Steve getting back together, because that’s obviously inevitable.

But it would be more difficult and I believe more rewarding to see Kimmy and Fernando to get back together; for each other, and for Ramona.

Be sure to watch my video recap as well, here below:


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