Dear Jack: Your Request for “Direct Deposit” Whipped Cream

9 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

As Mommy was setting up everyone’s plates for the special strawberry shortcake she surprised us with over the weekend, the only thing you were interested in was the can of whipped cream.

You asked Mommy, “Can you just spray the whipped cream right in my mouth?”

To my surprise, she did.

You were very pleased.

The funny thing is, I’m not convinced you actually ate the actual dessert.

Where as your sister copied you, to get the “direct deposit” whipped cream, she definitely ate the strawberry cake too.

I thought the concept of a drive-thru window was lazy, but this takes it to a whole different level!



Dear Holly: That Sauce That Doesn’t Make My Mouth Hurt

3 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

As you are now approaching your 4th birthday, your eating habits are transitioning into “real meals”, as opposed to just a series of fruit pouches and different versions of mac and cheese.

You pretty much daily eat baby carrots and chicken. Last week, you requested to me, “Daddy, I want that sauce that doesn’t make my mouth hurt.”

Through a little bit of deductive reasoning, I figured out you were asking for Ranch dressing to dip your carrots and chicken in.

To a 3 year-old, that’s the best way to request Ranch dressing; to disassociate it from Daddy’s hot sauce you see me eating with every meal.

Granted, you’ve never had any of my hot sauce, but you want to make sure you don’t!



Dear Jack: Teaching Your Sister to Sword Fight, Who is Half Your Size and a Third of Your Age

8 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

A few weeks ago, you spent your allowance money on some swords and shields at the Dollar Store.

Well, this past weekend, your 3 year-old sister was as eager as you were to practice sword fighting with you.

So the living room become the arena, where a brave little girl who is half your size and a third of your age showed no fear as she begin sword fighting her brother.

You were wearing a dragon mask; meaning that your sister was fighting the dragon!

To her, this is simply normal. So I guess your allowance money is well spend that week!



Dear Jack: These are the Years I Can’t Take a Normal Photo of You

8 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

I’m learning just to go ahead and take the silliest photos of you these days, because that’s about I can get. You don’t want to go through the hassle of smiling for pictures, but you will make a goofy face and pose in some ridiculous way.

So I’m just going with it.

I realize that these hilarious photos are the truest concept of your personality: When you already having fun, you don’t want to stop to be serious.

You just want to keep having fun.

I can work with that… assuming every once in a while I can get a real smile!



Dear Jack: For Crazy Hair Day, You Chose to Be Green!

8 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack,

This past Tuesday, your class got to celebrate filling the jar with marbles, for good class behavior, by having Crazy Hair Day!

So before we left for school, I took you out to the garage and basically spray paint all your hair.

At first, I only sprayed the top, but you insisted I spray all of your hair, including all the back.

Looking back on these pictures though, I should have used the entire can; as there was still some sandy brown showing through.

Needless to say, you had a really fun day. And I’m fairly confident you’re going to be asking me to have green hair again!



Thinking of Taking Up Tai Chi? Here Are The Top 5 Health Benefits That You Can Get From It

Tai Chi has been around for more than 700 years, and some even believe that they may be as old as 1500 years old. Tai Chi is one of the small branches of a bigger martial art technique called the “Qigong.”

Qigong is a form of martial art practise that focuses primarily on the elements of breathing and energy. According to Chinese scripts, the name Qigong itself means “breath skill.” Since its inception, Tai Chi has been primarily practiced (which continues to date) due to its several health benefits.

Although Tai Chi in its authentic form was first developed as a means of self-defence, its several health benefits became quite significant over time. Today Tai Chi is practiced primarily for its numerous health beneficial aspects, especially in older adults.

Tai Chi is seeing a gradual growth in popularity amongst different people. In fact, a recent study shows that more than 2.5 million people in The United States alone practice Tai Chi. This growth in popularity is primarily contributed to the positive results it continues to generate amongst its active participants.

Here are the 5 proven health benefits of practicing Tai Chi

  • Improves the Mental Health

Due to its meditative and slow movement techniques, Tai Chi has been proven to have an excellent effect in improving mental health as well as any psychological-related health risks. Anxiety and stress-related problems are the main contributors in promoting a serious psychological health risk, and Tai Chi has proved effective.

A study compromising of 50 participants showed Tai Chi practice gave identical results as that of the anxiety/ stress management exercises.

If you’re struggling with your mental health a therapist from “” can help.

  • Reduces the risk of falling 

The risk of falling poses the primary threat amongst older adults. A recent study has proven that 1 out of every 4 older adults (above 65 years) is at the risk of falling. This is primarily because of the reduction in mobility and body balance.

One of the core elements of Tai Chi lies in the orderly and slow movement of the body. This improves the balance of the body and ultimately reduces the risk of falling.

  • Improves the quality of sleep

According to the latest report, more than 50 million people in The United States alone suffer from at least one type of sleeping disorder. The number is alarming and, hence, anything that can help in reducing this staggering figure is a welcoming sign.

A study conducted for over 10 weeks showed that practicing Tai Chi twice in a week produced a significant result in improving the sleep quality, and also showed lesser symptoms of anxiety-related problems.

  • Improves the Muscle Strength 

Tai Chi can improve your muscle strength. After all, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts, so if you do not experience any improvement in your muscle strength, well, that would be a disappointment. Although Tai Chi does not involve lifting weights or any heavy objects, its muscular and calm body movements can significantly improve your upper body strength. In addition to just improving your muscles, Tai Chi can enhance your abdomen and lower back muscles as well.

  • Aids in losing weight 

Regular Tai Chi practice are known to have a remarkable impact in assisting weight loss. Although, it may be difficult for most people to accept the fact that Tai Chi does indeed help in burning excess calories (due to the slow body movements). The fact is that Tai Chi helps in reducing weight. It is estimated that an hour of Tai Chi can burn up to 240 calories (depends on your body weight).

A study showed that 45 minutes of Tai Chi five times a week produced significant weight-loss results at the end of 12 weeks.

Practicing Tai Chi on a routine basis can improve overall health (physically and mentally). There are more than enough studies to back its health beneficial aspects. Hence Tai Chi for Health should be encouraged amongst all the age groups.

This is the 1st Year Millennials Will Start Having Their 20th High School Class Reunions: Starting with the Class of 1999, in 2019

There are some people who just don’t care anything about going to their high school reunions.

They are the ones who will say, “I spent a dozen years with those people and I didn’t like them then, so what makes you think I would want to go hang out with them now? If I was really that curious what they are up to, I would just look them up on Facebook!”

Clearly, I am not one of those people. No, instead, just call me Mr. High School Class Reunion!

For me, going to my high school class reunions is like repeating the final scene of the final episode of Lost… every 5 years of my life.

What is really special about my own upcoming 20th High School Reunion this July is that we just happen to be the first official Millennial class to experience this.

Most sources agree that Millennials were born between 1981 and 1997. I was born on April 20th, 1981; so I will be turning 38 in a few weeks.

If the Millennial generation were siblings, then those of us who graduated high school in 1999 would be the firstborn children.

This is history in the making.

Back in 1988, when I turned 7, I had a very memorable birthday party. My dad had just cut down a tree in our backyard, so the main entertainment was being able to climb the fallen tree. And coincidentally, I just happened to be wearing a “Class of ’99” t-shirt on my birthday.

Fortunately, my mom did a great job of taking several pictures to capture the magic of that day.

Gary Schrader, Russell McElhaney, Will Stephens, Shane Burt (along with his sister and mom), Tabatha Thomas, Haley Rogers and her sister Ashley, and my own sister Dana were all there that day; whether they remember it now or not… and whether they have ever seen these pictures before either!

I am confident that my upcoming 20th High School Class Reunion will be a highlight of 2019.

Yes, just call me Mr. High School Class Reunion.

It’s that big of a deal to me!