Dear Holly: Oh, How Your Brother Loves You

12 weeks.

Dear Holly: Oh, How Your Brother Loves You

Dear Holly,

Leading up to your birth, your brother Jack adopted a baby doll that your Grandma intended to be for you. He named her Dolly.

It became quite obvious that he was practicing… for you. She was the main toy he played with, there for a while. He even snuggled with Dolly in his bed.

Since you arrived, I can’t remember even one time he’s played with Dolly. That’s because the real life Dolly is here now: That’s you, Holly.

He watches how Mommy and I treat you to learn what he should do. And it’s funny how awkward, yet sincere he is about it.

Dear Holly: Oh, How Your Brother Loves You

One of my favorite things I’ve heard him say to you so far, was when he said, in a falsetto voice:

“Ah, how sweet! Little baby’s got 5,000 eyeballs. Yes, she does!”

Another one of my favorites occurred this past weekend when Jack made a snow plow out of his Legos and gently pushed it against your side as you were laying down on your blanket:

“This truck’s gonna push little baby away. Isn’t that sweet? Ah, it is. Little Baby likes to get pushed by the truck! Yes, she does!”

I loved watching your reaction. It was as if you knew he was just trying to annoy you but at the same time play with you (which was likely the case on his end).

You gave this sort of bothered yell, as if to say, “Hey, stop it!” But then you instantly smirked, as if to imply you enjoyed the attention from your brother.

When people ask Jack how he likes having a baby sister, he never answers in a way that accurately represents how much he truly loves having your around.

He’ll shrug, or mumble.

But I see how he adores you; how he’s fascinated by you.

I know the truth. I see the truth every day.



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