Dear Jack: Webisodes 7 & 8 of Jack-Man, Plus Motivational Speech; Shia LaBeouf Style

4 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack: Webisodes 7 & 8 of Jack-Man, Plus Motivational Speech; Shia LaBeouf Style

Dear Jack,

This week we released 2 new webisodes of Jack-Man. In Webisode 7, “Caffeine Conspiracy,” Green Meanie attempts to sell Jack-Man on drinking soda by explaining it will give him extra energy.

Of course, he is referring to the addictive, unregulated caffeine. Green Meanie openly acknowledges his “caffeine conspiracy” to addict others to his soda.

He also recruits his old friend Caffeine Cowboy to intimidate Jack-Man into drinking soda, resulting in a draw.

Dear Jack: Webisodes 7 & 8 of Jack-Man, Plus Motivational Speech; Shia LaBeouf Style

Webisode 8, “Banana Shenanigans,” shows Caffeine Cowboy becoming a politician in an attempt to make bananas illegal, so that Jack-Man will no longer have access to what gives him his superpowers.

We also decided this week to take advantage of a trending video of Shia LaBeouf.

You, as Jack-Man, delivered the same motivation speech.

This coming weekend, we’re planning on filming 2 more webisodes, which will introduce a new concept in our Jack-Man webseries: allowing Green Meanie to interact with the audience in attempt to get ideas to drink Jack-Man to give in to Green Meanie’s agenda.

I like the concept of “choose your own adventure” being incorporated into our show. So we should have 10 episodes up by early next week.

Before we know, we’ll be doing our 100th webisode. And so many cool things can happen between now and then.

It helps that you’re so cooperative as we make this videos. A few weeks ago as we were filming in the Franklin Factory, a lady walked by and commented under her breath, “Good luck getting a kid to make a video.”

She didn’t realize I didn’t need good luck.

Making these videos is what we do. It’s our father and son quality time each weekend, which is important.

I love knowing in the midst of our busy lifestyle, we get to dedicate time together for this.



dad from day one: Proud Papa

Twenty weeks.

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During the closing credits of my favorite movie of all time, I Love You, Man, Barry (Jon Favreau) finds out his wife Denise (Jamie Pressly) is pregnant after she vomits on him at the wedding reception.  With puke on his shirt, he says to her, “Please, try to make it a boy.”  Barry is a Type A jerk, inhabiting every memory and idea of a typical beer-guzzling frat boy.  So of course, having a boy (instead of a girl) would be very important to him.

Being that I’m nothing like that character in the movie, instead being much more like the main character, Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), I had just always assumed I would have all daughters.  Here’s the picture I had in my head of my future family: Me, wifey, three daughters, and two Cockapoos (or Labradoodles).

It just makes more sense that a guy who has no interest (or talent whatsoever) in sports or hunting (or anything proving I’m man enough by showing my “game face”), but instead has always been enthralled in everything artistic (drawing, entertaining, acting, singing, songwriting, writing) would somehow automatically make a better father to daughters instead of sons.  So that’s part of the reason I was so authentically surprised to learn that our baby is a boy.  Like somehow I deserved a son less because I’m not a certain macho stereotype I’ve memorized from three decades of watching sitcoms and movies.

And now, I have to admit, there’s a part of me that can’t help but laugh that without any preconceived hopes or crossed fingers, I get what every man secretly hopes for- a son.  There’s an unspoken concept (at least in my mind) that raising a son is a rite of passage for a man.  A coveted elective course, a special honorary badge, an engraved trophy so easily received- to be a father to a son.  A chance not so much to relive my own life, but to enhance another future man with all the life experience and knowledge I’ve learned the hard way.

The movie I Love You, Man is built around the fact that male friendships and bonds don’t often come so easily.  By a man having a son, he is automatically given that opportunity- to nurture a male the way every boy and man craves to be taught and directed.  What I lack in knowledge of fixing cars and football statistics and home repairs, I can make up for in teaching healthy communication skills and anything that falls under that categories of “literary”, “artistic”, “psychological”, and “entertainment”.

In other words, I have a feeling I will be raising  the likeness of a future Jewish comedic actor, maybe the next Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the next Shia LaBeouf, the next James Franco…

A well-rounded people-person who is confident in who he is, that’s who I predict he will become.  Who knows?  Maybe he’ll be a quiet, mild-mannered, studious, future accountant.  But with a dad as quirky and Hawaiian-shirt-wearing as me, I just don’t think he has a chance of being anything like Clark Kent.

Baby Jack's body is the length of a cantaloupe this week.

Here’s what The Bump says about Week 20:

Baby’s digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation… baby’s genitals are now fully formed!

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