Parental Review of the New Wonder Woman Movie: Is It Kid-Friendly?


I noticed this morning in my blog stats that someone found my blog by Googling, “Wonder Woman Family Friendly Reviews 2017”. So I guess that obligates me do actually do a parental review of the new Wonder Woman movie. Yes, the free market has demonstrated there is a demand for this!

So… here ya go America!

My answer is ultimately no. No, the new Wonder Woman movie is not “kid-friendly”. If it were, it wouldn’t be the great movie that it is. The fact that it’s not juvenile gives it credibility and makes Diana Prince a believable protagonist with a healthy character arc.

Wonder Woman is ultimately a PG-13 rated World War II movie containing strong elements of Greek mythology.

Let’s break it down by issues parents might be concerned in regards to their children watching this movie…

Language: There is noticeably very little profanity. Other than the word “hell”, and a few uses of the word “bloody” (which I understand is a curse word in the United Kingdom), I didn’t notice any other language that parents would deem as inappropriate for a child to be exposed to.

Sexuality/Nudity: Depending on your level of conservatism, some parents might feel somewhat concerned about Wonder Woman’s outfit, though I personally do not feel it is overly revealing. The closest thing to nudity is actually a male character who is taking a bath in a cave. Wonder Woman walks in on him and he covers himself with his hands, as she naively sees no taboo in discovering a naked man. Lastly, there is an implied sexual relationship later, though nothing is shown beyond a “fully clothed” kiss.

Violence: Since this is indeed a World War II movie, there is obviously consistent violence. Of course, like most PG-13 rated movies these days, there is hardly any blood shown at all. There are multiple on -screen deaths shown, however.

That’s all you need to know. Would you feel comfortable taking your child to see this movie, knowing what I have revealed? It’s your call. I don’t judge you either way.

This is seriously an awesome movie though!

Parental Review- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Rated PG-13)

*May contain mild spoilers related to the plot.

If you’re considering taking your child to see Rogue One: A Stars Story, but aren’t sure if it would be age-appropriate, I am confident that I can give you closure. Here at the facts- from here, you can decide for yourself:

Profanity: None.

Sex/Nudity: None.

Violence: Constant, yet not bloody or gory.

As the title of the movie implies, Rogue One: A Stars Story is a war movie; perhaps more so than many other entries in the Star Wars franchise.

In particular, this is the story of the suicide mission leading up to the events of the original 1977 Stars Wars movie. By its nature, a movie about a suicide mission is likely going to feature countless on-screen deaths.

Parental Review- Rogue One: A Stars Story (Rated PG-13)

Granted, this is a Disney movie. So even with all the use of weapons (mainly lasers, grenades, and bombs), this is no blood bath. In fact, I don’t recall any blood- in the likeness of old Western movies where people are constantly getting shot and dying, yet there is no visible wound shown. The character simply falls to the ground after some sparks and smoke appear from the impact point.

So really, your decision whether or not to take your child to see Rogue One: A Stars Story comes down to your thoughts the violence aspect.

Again, there are no curse words- not even close to one. And as is typical with Star Wars movies, there are no sexual situations.

I say it really comes down to what your child has already been exposed to. If a movie like Captain America: Civil War is something you deem acceptable for your child to watch, which is another recent PG-13 Disney movie, then you will likely not have a problem with Rogue One: A Stars Story.

Thank you for visiting Family Friendly Daddy Blog and for reading my review today. I am hope you found it helpful.

Parental Guide Summary of Pete’s Dragon (2016, Rated PG)

Parental Guide Summary of Pete's Dragon (2016, Rated PG-13)

The new Pete’s Dragon movie takes place in circa-1983, just like this year’s X-Men Apocalypse, as well as Netflix’s summer hit show, Stranger Things. The funny part is, I have no idea why the new Pete’s Dragon movie takes place in the Eighties; it has nothing to do with the plot in any way.

Never at any point do they acknowledge the year. This is simply information you deduce from the clothing, hairstyles, cars, and lack of cell phones. When the movie begins, “1983” doesn’t flash up on the screen.

Similarly, I’m led to believe the movie takes place in either Washington state or Oregon, based on the redwood trees. But they never come out and say that either.

Oh yeah, and, by the way: Take your kids to see this movie!

It is totally worth it. It is the perfect family movie to see in the theater this year. Plenty of heart and adventure, yet not cheesy in any way.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Pete’s Dragon movie, from a “family friendly” perspective:


None; not even any form of “OMG”. There is a mention of literal hell, as the dragon’s eyes are compared to “the color of hell fire.” But I have a feeling no one is going to find that be be offensive.


Not even a kiss.


A crew of men use tranquilizer rifles to hunt down the dragon.


Not even the sight of an empty beer bottle.

Dark Themes:

Just like virtually every Disney movie ever made, the boy becomes an orphan in the opening scene, in the event of a car accident. However, the trauma of this is downplayed greatly: The car is show flipping upside down but the bodies of the parents are not seen.

I strongly recommend this movie. My son just started Kindergarten this week; he’s about 5 and a half years-old. Pete’s Dragon was perfectly relevant and appropriate.

Go right now. Take the kids. See Pete’s Dragon.

Also, here’s the video version of this blog post:


Ghostbusters Reboot Movie: Boycott Vs. Free Market (Plus, Will Women Support This Movie By Actually Going to See It?)

Ghostbusters Reboot Movie: Boycott Vs. Free Market (Plus, Will Women Support This Movie?)

I’ve yet to hear one female express excitement over the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot movie, which is apparently a chick flick version of the classic. In fact, I’ve yet to hear one female even acknowledge the new Ghostbusters movie at all.

That’s problematic, since the upcoming movie features a female cast of Ghostbusters along with a good-looking yet dim-witted male secretary, played by Chris Hemsworth.

In theory, there should be some sincere, positive buzz occurring among females on social media. In theory, girls should see this new Ghostbusters movie as empowering to women. However, I’m not seeing a wave of #girlpower in association with the movie, other than from the movie’s main cast and crew, as they are likely forced to by Sony.

Girls aren’t talking about the movie. Guys are.

We are confused why we as males are being left out of the marketing. Clearly, we’re the demographic that actually cares about Ghostbusters.

I’ve read some muttering online about guys needing to boycott the movie, especially during opening weekend, in a conscious effort to send a message to Sony; that this is not the Ghostbusters movie we have been wanting since 1989.

Here’s my video I made about that topic:

This is a chick flick reboot which, based on the trailer, paints men as irrelevant, or petty at best.

We wanted a true sequel. Sony’s offering is a major disappointment.

As far as an official boycott, I say what’s the point? Without a sincere and passionate audience, the free market will likely create a problem even worse than a boycott: apathy.

With no true fans of the reboot, I predict the Ghostbusters reboot is in danger of being the biggest, most embarrassing flop of 2016.

And here’s my video on that:

The thing is, for those of us who are true Ghostbusters fans, we see this coming. I thought usually when a big budget flops that big, it’s typically somewhat of a surprise.

But in this case, the ghostly train wreck is being surveyed in real time on social media. I think that makes it worse, right?

Ghostbusters Reboot Movie: Boycott Vs. Free Market (Plus, Will Women Support This Movie By Actually Going to See It?)

Ghostbusters Reboot Movie: Chick Flick with No Audience? Men are Irrelevant?

Ghostbusters Reboot Movie: Chick Flick with No Audience? Men are Irrelevant?

For the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot out next Friday (July 15th), I’m curious to see if Sony’s marketing will be able to find an audience for the movie.

Here’s what I mean by that:

The Ghostbusters reboot, which is being nicknamed “Girlbusters” by us doubting Thomas’s, is apparently supposed to be a chick flick. I say that simply because I’ve seen the trailer at least half a dozen times (in hopes it would magically get better).

This the video I recently made on that subject:

The only male shown is Chris Hemsworth, whose character clearly has looks, but no brains. He doesn’t even know how to answer the phone, yet he is the only male character presented.

Meanwhile, the females are smart, heroic, and (apparently?) funny.

Take away the whole Ghostbusters façade of this movie and consider what is left…

This isn’t Ghostbusters. It’s an attempt at being a chick flick, as its director is Paul Feig; perhaps best known for directing the very successful R-rated chick flick, Bridesmaids, which features a female cast.

As I mentioned a few days ago in my post, Ghostbusters Reboot Movie Toys: Boys Aren’t Buying Them, I present a video I shot which demonstrates all the nearly all female cast of characters are actually located in the boys’ section of stories. In fact, no one is buying these toys: I show how the toys are already on 30% clearance though the movie isn’t even out yet.

Based on the trailer, it appears as if men are now irrelevant in the Ghostbusters universe.

And here’s the video I made on that issue:

It’s confusing, because as a non-Donald Trump supporter who is married with kids and who doesn’t live in his parents’ basement, I feel like Sony’s marketing team doesn’t feel I’m necessary as part of the equation of making this movie successful.

So if men are irrelevant, and if women are the target audience, yet the major lack of sale of toys indicated females are not interested in this movie, then who is the audience?

[Insert sound of crickets here.]

Ghostbusters Reboot Movie: Chick Flick with No Audience? Men are Irrelevant?

Dear Jack: We Loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Out of the Shadows!

5 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack: We Loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Out of the Shadows!

Dear Jack,

You and I have seen many action movies at the theatre in the year 2016 so far, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: Apocalypse. But after this weekend, you and I both decided we have now seen our favorite so far- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

I’m not saying it is better than the other movies we’ve seen so far this year, but I am saying it was definitely the most enjoyable and entertaining.

This is the first time a live-action Ninja Turtles movie included the essential villains Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady; as well as Baxter Stockman. The action was non-stop. It was fun to watch the entire time, yet not cheesy at all.

Here’s an Instragram (nickshellwrites) I did of you eating your huge slice of pizza right before the show:

It is most appropriate for the kid to wolf down pizza right before we go see Ninja Turtles 2.

 It is most appropriate for the kid to wolf down pizza right  before we go see Ninja Turtles 2.

I recently officially realized that one of our traditional father and son activities is to watch action movies together. It was a couple of months ago when we were watching Jurassic World together that I put that together. Then conveniently, a few weeks later, Jurassic Park (as well as its sequels) showed up on Netflix. That was convenient.

Mommy calls the movies we watch “boy movies.”

She understands that you are wired for adventure and that it’s good for just you and me (“the boys”) to disappear for a few hours and see an action/superhero/dinosaur/sci-fi movie together.

Of course when you and I go to see a movie, we make an event out of it. We are not casually about it at all.

I typically buy our tickets a day in advance, then the next day, we show up at least an hour before the movie begins. It’s vital to get the perfect seats, so therefore we are the first to arrive to have the ability to choose whatever seats we want.

Plus, we always stay until all the credits are over, to make sure we don’t miss any hidden scenes.

I keep my calendar marked with upcoming movies to take you to see. We don’t play around when it comes to our movies!

Dear Jack: We Loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Out of the Shadows!



Dear Jack: Your 1st Introduction to a VHS Tape- Disney’s Benji the Hunted (from 1987)

5 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: Your1st Introduction to a VHS Tape- Disney’s Benji the Hunted (from 1987)

Dear Jack,

This past weekend, I taught you how to use the VHS side of our DVD player. You now understand the concept of watching a movie on a tape; something I’m not sure most of your friends can say they’ve done before. So they might look at you funny if you mention it to them at school.

On Friday, a coworker brought in a huge Rubbermaid tub full of VHS movies to give away. I instantly grabbed Benji the Hunted, which I was very familiar with; as it was part of my school’s library when I was a kid, meaning I saw it many times as a child in the late 1980s and early 1990s- especially when a teacher came in to work sick but wasn’t willing to admit it and therefore lose a sick day or vacation day.

Dear Jack: Your1st Introduction to a VHS Tape- Disney’s Benji the Hunted (from 1987)

I suppose there’s a decent amount of irony involved in the fact that our family has been driving a fancy 2016 Lexus IS 200t this week. I dropped the VHS tape in your baby sister Holly’s car seat and safely delivered the tape home to you for us to enjoy over the weekend.

Dear Jack: Your1st Introduction to a VHS Tape- Disney’s Benji the Hunted (from 1987)

In this 1987 Disney movie, Benji the dog must help save some mountain lion cubs from predatory animals of the Oregon forest and eventually be rescued by his owner who is searching for him in a helicopter. There’s hardly any dialogue in this movie; mainly just animals chasing each other around in the woods.

It was right up your alley. You love animals.

And you were impressed by the fact they were real animals, unlike what you’re used to seeing on all those talking animal movies you see on Netflix.

Once the movie was over, I explained the concept of having to rewind the movie. You were slightly fascinated by the fact that the movie just turned black and stopped once it was over.

You are a cultured boy. In the same weekend you got to see the new Captain America movie in the theater, you also saw a 29 year-old movie on an old VHS tape.

I suppose it’s been a weekend of entertainment… and education.



Dear Jack: Your1st Introduction to a VHS Tape- Disney’s Benji the Hunted (from 1987)