Dear Holly: You’re Still Playing With Your Roblox Toys From Christmas

5 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

Near two months after Christmas, it’s interesting to see which toys are still getting the most play time on a weekly prize. I would have to give that prize to your Roblox toys.

If it weren’t for your brother, I’m confident that Roblox toys would never have been on your wish list.

In fact, now that I think of it, I hardly see him play with his Roblox.

Yet, conveniently for you, he lets you drive your Roblox characters around in his Roblox cars.

It’s basically part of your morning routine now, as well as your weekend afternoon activity.

You drive your Roblox characters around on the carpet- as you are in a world of your own!



Dear Jack: Your Roblox Advent Calendar

11 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

Something you spent some of your birthday money on from last month was a Roblox “Action” Advent Calendar. I think it was a very good use of your money.

I have enjoyed how each morning before school, you lead your sister in discovering the new Christmas-themed Roblox toy for that day.

It makes me wonder if this will be your final Christmas to still care about toys at all?

You’re getting to where you love collecting hoodies- as well as pursuing cool shoes, to set you apart from your classmates.

Christmas is only a week away now. I am very excited for what we have planned!



Dear Jack: Maybe I’m Not Ready for You to Be Done with Plastic Toys, After All

10 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

This is my last letter I will write you while you’re still 10 years old. Your 11th birthday is now only a few days away!

I’ve kept it no secret from myself; how it’s not easy watching you grow up so fast, especially as you are now more of a pre-teen than a little boy.

As birthday gifts have been showing up in the mail, and as I’ve watched how you’ve used your gift cards from your birthday party, it surprised me a bit to see you choose… plastic toys.

I was thinking we were past that stage in your life.

Last year it was all about Fortnite. This year, it’s Roblox.

Yeah, I know. You’re just collecting more plastic that you’ll ultimately forget about a year from now.

But as for now, it’s proof that there’s still a little bit more “little boy” still in there.

I need there to be.