Dear Holly: I Love Watching You Play When You Think I’m Not Watching

6 years, 2 months.

Dear Holly,

The summer is coming to an end, as the new school year is beginning in a couple weeks now.

And I’m going to miss watching you play with your toys, while I’m working from the kitchen table.

You spend hours at a time, carefully driving around your toy animal figurines in your brother’s Fortnite cars.

A few days ago, I watched you discover a pair of purple medical gloves that were for some reason in the art supplies cubby.

From there, you enjoyed making lunch for your dolls… while proudly wearing purple medical gloves.

I’m definitely going to miss this!



Dear Jack: Maybe I’m Not Ready for You to Be Done with Plastic Toys, After All

10 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

This is my last letter I will write you while you’re still 10 years old. Your 11th birthday is now only a few days away!

I’ve kept it no secret from myself; how it’s not easy watching you grow up so fast, especially as you are now more of a pre-teen than a little boy.

As birthday gifts have been showing up in the mail, and as I’ve watched how you’ve used your gift cards from your birthday party, it surprised me a bit to see you choose… plastic toys.

I was thinking we were past that stage in your life.

Last year it was all about Fortnite. This year, it’s Roblox.

Yeah, I know. You’re just collecting more plastic that you’ll ultimately forget about a year from now.

But as for now, it’s proof that there’s still a little bit more “little boy” still in there.

I need there to be.



Dear Jack: Cutting Open a Shark on Christmas Morning

10 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

What to get a 10 year-old boy for Christmas in 2020?

It definitely was a Fortnite-themed season for you, as you now have 10 of the action figures; as well as a tower for them to climb and a remote controlled golf cart for them to ride on.

This is all despite you never actually playing the video game that the Fortnite characters are based on.

But you were also very excited about the Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark.

You discretely pulled out the plastic red knife included with the toy, then proceeded to cut open the shark’s stomach.

Mission accomplished:

You successfully pulled out a handful of orange slime in order to rescue to the alien inside!

Sounds about right for a 10 year-old boy on Christmas morning 2020.



Dear Jack: You Got a Boy Barbie Doll That Looks Just Like You

10 years old.

Dear Jack,

One of the gifts that Aunt Dana and Uncle Andrew got you for your 10th birthday was a Barbie doll little boy who amazingly looks like you!

It’s as if Mattel used you as the model for the doll!

And like Mommy pointed out, he’s even wearing a tank top; which is mainly what you wear anytime the weather is warm.

Seriously- the hair, the eyes, the smile… the personality!

What a cool present to receive for your birthday!

You explained to me that your Jack doll has been playing alongside your Fortnite action figures.

Makes perfect sense!