9 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Own a Truck 

There are several different reasons why you should own a truck. You can learn more about these reasons by clicking right here. 

King of the road — you know the old song? You don’t have to hitch rides in old boxcars to feel like you’re on top of the world. 

Get a pickup truck instead! 

For every hauling need, coupled with a sense of adventure you don’t get anywhere else, a pickup delivers. It has many other surprising advantages, too. 

For a full list of reasons why you should own a truck, keep reading this article. 

  1. Hauling Ability

Trucks are all about pulling things behind them. If you own a pickup truck, you can tow a boat. You can tow another car. 

You can tow anything if you have a pickup. The RV industry is booming right now because camping is a renewed pastime. Other recreation options are out because of the ramifications of COVID, so camping is a favorite again. 

If an RV lifestyle has never looked better to you, then getting your hands on a pickup truck is the way to go. You can try out different rigs before you buy the right one for your family, just to see how well they pull. 

  1. Rough and Tough Style

If you buy a truck, people will have mad respect for you when you drive up. Rolling through town in a pickup truck is enough to turn heads. 

When you’re a lady driving a truck, you turn heads because it’s unusual and very attractive. When you’re a man driving a truck, you’re extra tough and virile. No matter who you are, if your image needs a boost, then driving a truck can do it for you. 

  1. Tons of Space

One of the best reasons to buy a truck is for the space it provides. The interior cab has lots of room for passengers, which means it’s comfortable even for long road trips. That works out well if you’re taking that fifth-wheel across the country for a socially-distanced visit with your extended family. 

From the cushy driver’s seat to the luxury feel of the backseat, a pickup’s interior is just one more reason to go get one today. 

  1. Own a Truck for Drive-In Movies

There’s nothing like watching a drive-in movie from the bed of a truck. If you’re still watching drive-in movies from the front seat of your sedan or in a camping chair outside, you’re missing out. 

The best way to dress up the bed of yourRAM 1500is in anticipation of a drive-in movie. Style it any way you want, but some favor the winning designs that involve champagne, soft blankets, and tons of pillows. 

  1. Support Your Active Lifestyle

If you like to get out and have adventures, then a pickup is a must for your activities. Your truck will have room for a motorcycle or dirt bikes in the back. It’ll have room for jet skis. 

You can have room for bicycles, hunting gear, and camping equipment. Whatever you need for your next big hike or bungee jumping trip, you can fit in the pickup. Haul more with the truck of your dreams. 

If you’re asking yourself, “Why buy a truck?” then you have to know: trucks are perfect for weekend adventures. It’s time to go off-roading or climbing sand dunes with your pickup. 

  1. Versatile Vehicle

Trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles on the market. You can haul things like live animals and farm equipment one day, and then wash it and dress it up for date night the next. 

If you need a vehicle that can fit the whole family, this is it. If you need one that can take a beating when it comes to heavy stuff, this is it. You can even use it to haul your camping stuff thousands of miles. 

Whatever your style, a truck will take care of it all. 

  1. Safety

One of the best reasons to get a truck is to keep your family safe in case of a crash. You’re much better protected in a truck than in a smart car or a compact car. Even SUVs don’t always have the best safety ratings, no matter how stylish they look. 

If you truly value your safety and that of your passengers, then a truck is the way to go. You can be the most cautious driver in the world and still not manage to prevent an accident because some of your safety depends on other drivers on the road. In case someone hits you, make sure you’re in a vehicle that won’t harm you. 

  1. Vintage Charm

You can get an old pickup like a 50s Chevy or your grandpa’s original model if you’re looking for some vintage charm. Not only does it scratch the itch for nostalgia, but it also makes a great hobby. 

Antique pickups are also great for photos. From the tailgate to the retro curves on the front end, you’ll love the way the pictures turn out. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Another great reason to get a pickup truck is that pickups don’t cost an arm and a leg like they used to. They’re actually an affordable vehicle that fits in your budget. Compared spec to spec with SUVs, pickups come out ahead. 

Trucks are also not the gas guzzlers that they used to be, so you’ll save a lot in gas, too. You can find eco-friendly trucks, as well as hybrid models. 

For a cheaper option with all the capabilities you dream of, a truck is the best choice. 

The Open Road Is Waiting 

The reasons to own a truck far outweigh the reasons not to. It’s not just the hauling ability and versatility that makes it a great choice. 

Look for affordability, safety, space, and more when you finally find a truck to call your own. 

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My New T-Shirt: 6 Speed Manual Transmission Symbol

It is true that I am of a dying breed. Not only am I of the minority of drivers who can drive a manual transmission, but I am of the shrinking group of people who actually still owns a stick shift vehicle and drives it it as my main vehicle everyday.

In 2020, only 1 out of 8 new vehicles on the car lot even have the option to be sold with a manual transmission. Not only are vehicles with automatic transmissions more efficient on fuel, but they are also less expensive. It used to be the other way around!

It only makes sense that for the few of us who can still drive a manual, and who still do so daily, we are a unique group of people. We actually like the fact it’s not easy, even if it’s all muscle memory to us at this point.

I drive a 2010 Jeep Wrangler, which I have now owned for a year. One of the reasons I was able to snatch it up was because I didn’t flinch when I saw that it had a manual transmission.

Granted, I had never owned a vehicle with a stick shift before, but I had driven my dad’s old 1988 Ford Ranger during college a bit; while making money mowing lawns- as well as driving it when my own car was having issues.

A year into driving a manual transmission every day, it feels wrong when I do drive my wife’s car, with its automatic transmission. I always instinctively press my left foot down on the floor when I start the car.

So it only makes sense that with my $150 Amazon shopping spree for my recent 39th birthday, I chose this 6 Speed Manual Transmission T-shirt.

If you would like to order one like it, just click this link.

I also ordered the same thing for the spare tire cover on my Jeep. I will do another blog post and video on that once it arrives!

They See Me Rollin’: 8 Achievable Ways to DIY Trick Out Your Car

Looking to turn your ride into something a little more masculine? Check out these simple ways to pimp your car which you totally do yourself! 

Your car is anextension of you. If you drive a lame car — well, you don’t want to drive a lame car. 

If you’re wondering how to pimp your car to get the attention you want, then we are here to help you. Continue reading this article to learn the different ways you can pimp out your car. 

  1. Headlight Covers

Your car headlights have a lot to do with how your car looks. If they are dingy and dirty, it is going to make your whole car look bad. Keeping them clean is important, but putting headlight covers on your car can make your car look like a whole new vehicle. 

The most common thing to do when putting on headlight covers is blacking out the lights. You can black out your car’s lights by using tinted black translucent headlight covers. 

These covers look black until you turn on the headlights, so they don’t get in the way of your road lighting abilities. Besides making your look cool, they also protect your car’s headlight assembly from debris, dirt, and oxidation. 

  1. Upgrading the Wheels

Upgrading your car’s wheels is a great way to make your cool look cool. While standard wheels might function fine, they can make your car look anything but exciting. 

Before looking at the new wheels you want, likefuel wheels, make sure you know what size wheels you need. If you aren’t sure — ask a professional. Using the wrong wheels can cause serious problems with your vehicle. 

If you’re considering buying used wheels, make sure you buy from a reputable source. 

  1. Interior LED Lighting

Putting interior LED lighting in your car helps you add a splash of color in your car and light up the features you want to show off. Most LED lights for cars are on light strips, so it won’t be hard for you to install them. 

For the best look for your car, don’t put the LED lighting strips where you can see them. Instead, put the LED lighting strips underneath areas like the floor mats where you can only see that cool glow. 

  1. Car Seat Covers

Using car seat covers in your car is one of the easiest ways to give your car’s interior an upgrade. 

When choosing your car seat covers, there are a lot of different materials to choose from. Look for covers that are going to be durable and comfortable vs. just covers that look good. 

Keep in mind that all seats are not the same size, so you’ll need to figure out what size car seat cover your vehicle needs. 

  1. Wrap Your Car

Do you feel like changing up your car’s exterior, but you don’t want to change the paint job? Painting your car can be really expensive, so doing a car wrap might be the best route to go. 

While wrapping your car isn’t exactly inexpensive, it is less pricey than paying to have your entire car repainted. 

Car wraps change your vehicle into any color you want, and you can even choose cool graphic designs that make your car look out of this world awesome. You can choose to wrap your entire car, or you might want to only do part of it and use the wraps to accent your vehicle. 

  1. Aftermarket Audio Options

The only people that will think audio can’t upgrade the look of a car are those that aren’t true motorheads. Even those that have seen the Fast and the Furious know that audio makes a major difference in the look of the car. 

Audio upgrades can cost a pretty penny, but as you work to upgrade your vehicle, you’ll start to see just how much it is going to change your vehicle. The new layouts and the fancy displays make your car look futuristic. 

  1. Window Tinting

Window tinting doesn’t just protect your car’s interior — it looks really cool.  

You have quite a few options when you’re choosing the right tint for your car. 

There are infrared films that block the same amount of UV rays, but they are very easy to see through. If your state has strict tinting rules, then this might be a good option for you. 

The other options you have are: 

  • Carbon films 
  • Coating tinting 
  • OEM tinting 

Do your research on which type works best for your car, your desires, and your state before you make your choice. 

  1. Console Cover

Upgrading your console cover in your car looks really cool, but make sure it is comfortable. If you use your console as an arm prop a lot, the last thing you want is to put bulky embellishments on your console cover and make it irritate your elbows. 

You don’t have to be too fancy with your console cover if you’re worried about hurting your arms. There are a lot of different colored cloth covers you can put over your console to make sure it’s not only looking good but that it is protected. 

Since console covers are so small, they aren’t expensive, and they are easy to install if you’re just getting one to put over your console. If you’re having the whole thing replaced — that’s a horse of a different color. 

Trick Out Your Car Like a Pro 

Now you know cool ways to trick out your car, so it looks as cool as possible. Having a rad ride will allow you to get attention and feel good about what you drive. 

Do you want to learn more about cars and other cool topics? Keep reading through our site to get the information you need. 

Dear Jack: The Old Abandoned House and Farm, Years Before It Became the Next Nice Neighborhood

8 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

Part of the glory of owning a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler is that we get to explore roads most people wouldn’t be able to in their cars. Sunday after church, we drove down the barely visible path to take a look at some land that is being advertised for sale.

I had been noticing that wooded hill for the nearly 5 years we’ve lived at our house. And finally, now I know what’s out on that land that will ultimately likely be developed to become several more cookie-cutter neighborhoods.

We discovered an old abandoned farm and farmhouse; less than a half mile from the main road.

Obviously, we didn’t step foot inside the buildings: They are all on the verge of collapsing after the next gentle breeze.

But using the zoom on my camera, I was able to take a look at a magazine from 1977, as well as receipt from 1982.

In other words, the most recent proof of life at that place was a year after I was born- and I’m only a year and a half away from turning 40.

One of the strangest discoveries was what appeared to be what was left of an outhouse. It was just a small hole leading to a 10 feet deep put filled will some rainwater.

When you’re a teenager, you’ll be able to tell your friends what you saw that day, years before it all became it all was plowed over and became the next nice neighborhood.




Jeep Family Road Trip Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, AL: Train Ride, Petting Zoo, and Nature Hike

I grew up on Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama; which happens to be the midway point between Chattanooga and Gadsden- less than an hour from both cities.

A month ago, my wife and I took a scenic drive all the way down the mountain to downtown Chattanooga. But this past weekend for our son’s Fall Break, we simply drove in the other direction, which led to Gadsden -home of Noccalula Falls.

Despite visiting the place throughout my own childhood, somehow I had yet to take my own family there. I suppose our new Jeep serves as constant motivation to discover (or rediscover) nearby hidden gems!

Children ages 3 and under are free admission, so we only paid a total of $16 to enter the park. That granted us access to the petting zoo, the train ride around the park, and the trails that go down to the bottom of Noccalula Falls.

It was a great way to spend an Autumn morning…

So if you are looking for a fun affordable family road trip, I highly suggest Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama!