Dear Jack: You are Now “Rebuilding” Hot Wheels… for Fun!

12 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

This past Christmas, you were obsessed with doing model cars. That has now transcended into you taking apart your old Hot Wheels cars, swapping their wheels, and completely repainting both the exterior, as well as the interior.

Just like with all your pursuits of the years, like last year’s Taekwondo, and archery the year before, Mommy and I are all in to help support your newest interest and hobby.

This past weekend, I bought you several cans of spray paint, and Mommy bought you a certain drill you need to be able to take the cars apart much easier.

You are a true Enneagram 4. You are so creative.

Mommy and I finally realized this week, that when you get “too much extra energy”, it’s not necessarily because you need to go outside.

Instead, it’s often because you need a creative activity to work on indoors.

I’m sure I’ll bring it up again later once we finish it, but I bought your sister a Star Wars puzzle this week for she and I work on. So far, you have accomplished more of putting the puzzle together, than your sister and me combined.

I love to see your creativity in action!