Dear Jack: Your Sister Bought a Grinch Doll Because She Said It Looks Like You

12 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

In the aftermath of Christmas gift cards, our family recently made a trip to Barnes & Noble. Fate would have it, Mommy and I bought books; while you and your sister bought toys… of course!

For years now, I have been jokingly telling your sister she is like Cindy Lou Who each Christmas. Apparently, she agreed so much this year that she decided to spend some of her Christmas money on a stuffed animal of Cindy Lou Who, that came with a stuffed animal of The Grinch.

With no hesitation she explained to me, “I bought the Grinch because Jack makes that same face a lot!”




Dear Holly: You Want a Grinch Kitchen Set for Christmas?

2 years, 7 months.

Dear Holly,

You have been hinting at getting your own kitchen play set for quite a while now.

It’s not uncommon for you to ask, “We go to church?”

We figured out part of your request to go to church was so that you could play with the kitchen play set in your class.

This past weekend, you reminded Mommy again about your Christmas wish:

“I get Minnie Mouse kitchen set for my Christmas? No! Grinch.”

To clarify, you were asking for a Grinch-themed kitchen set.

Who knows? Maybe that would actually sell well.

It could come with green eggs and ham, which is part of the Dr. Seuss universe.

But I’m pretty your that your chances of getting that Minnie Mouse kitchen set are much more likely.



Dear Jack: “How Do Babies Get Into Mommies’ Bellies? From Santa?”

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: “How Do Babies Get Into Mommies’ Bellies? From Santa?”

Dear Jack,

We are currently living with some friends, as the closing date on our new house is about 6 weeks away now.

Karen, the wife and Mommy of the family we are renting space from, is pregnant; her baby is due right about the same time as we are supposed to move out.

Last night at dinner, you asked Mommy and me:

“How do babies get into Mommies’ bellies? From Santa?

We immediately burst out laughing, as did you.

Mommy explained that’s a conversation we’ll have with you when you’re a bit older.

Of course, it won’t be “we,” it will be me that has that talk with you. I’m not afraid. I’m as prepared now as I’ll ever be.

After I gained my composure, I think I responded with something like, “Yeah, I guess Santa does help with that.”

Granted, my answer was technically right; in the same way the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” makes sense.

Of course, I know the real reason you assumed Santa has something to do with babies getting into Mommies’ bellies.

This past weekend, we watched Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! To my surprise, I actually really loved that movie! I wouldn’t mind seeing it every Christmas. You’re at the perfect age to really appreciate a movie like that.

Dear Jack: “How Do Babies Get Into Mommies’ Bellies? From Santa?”

However, you’ll always troubled when they say “roast beast” because you always explain: “No, Daddy, it’s supposed to be ‘roast beef’!”

One of our favorite parts was when it showed the Grinch arriving at his parents’ house, riding in a basket floating down from the sky, slowed down by an umbrella which helped guide it down safely.

I think that imagery led you to believe Santa has something to do babies getting into Mommies’ bellies.

You followed up your first question by asking me if Santa is real. I cleverly replied, “Is Batman real?”

You confirmed he is.

I continued: “Well, then Batman is as real as Santa.”

And we’ll just keep it at that for now.