Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

Dear Jack,

Yesterday our family visited our new home for the final random time, as our next visit will the final walk-through!

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

So obviously, as we are scheduled to be moving in 3 weeks from right now, the carpet is finally in. Not that there is anything particularly glorious about carpet in general, I would have to say that having the carpet installed in our new home now makes things feel very real and official.

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

Mommy brought the tape measurer so we could measure for the TV in our bonus room.

We also took a good long walk around the living room downstairs as we are, in all seriousness, considering getting a pool table instead of a couch; when that time comes. (We’re not immediately furnishing our new home; just as it fits the budget.)

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

With Craig’s List, there’s a good chance we could get a pool table for free if we are willing to come pick it up from someone’s house. We’re not quite ready to make that decision now, but we are in the consideration stage.

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

I thought I was just joking when I mentioned it to Mommy, but to my surprise, she apparently thought it was a cool and relevant way to utilize our living room; since our TV will be upstairs anyway.

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

We also noticed that our yard is being filled in with dirt; meanwhile our fence’s construction has begun.

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

Next weekend we’re planning on going to see Paddington in the movie theatre, then just a few days later is our final walk-through.

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

The time is almost here. And I still haven’t taken the time to officially declare that our town house sold a couple of months ago…

Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

Again, until I can know how much money we made off the deal, I just don’t feel closure with that story yet. We are still waiting on a refund to come in the mail on that.

We are so close to moving in. Our family is more than ready!



Dear Jack: The Carpet Is In; The Yard Is Started

Sometimes, Being Dressed as a Wolf in Public at the Right Moment Can Have Its Benefits

I cried wolf.  And it didn’t end badly.

In high school I played a wolf in the senior class play (1999), Beauty and the Beast. One afternoon during school hours, dressed in full shag-carpet costume, I had just left from a photo shoot for the local newspaper, as class had just gotten out.  There happened to be two girls getting into a fist fight, as a crowd was gathering accordingly. I was faced with a decision:

A) Enjoy the fight.

B) Break up the fight by simply making a scene.

I rushed up near the girls and began growling and howling, similiar to the transformation process on the TV version of The Incredible Hulk. The crowd started laughing at me instead of paying attention to the girls pushing each other around. The two fighting girls both looked at me with confused faces. It’s difficult to continue a fist fight when there’s randomly a 5’ 9” wolf waving around his claws at you, who is making so much racket that the fight itself is no long interesting.  The fight was over.  Both the crowd and the fighting girls walked back to class like nothing ever happened.

How to Hang Out with Friends and Have Fun


An instinct we had as kids is that we always knew how to hang out, without a plan or agenda. In the way that Adam and Eve were not at first aware of their nakedness, we used to have the blessing of being unaware of social awkwardness and social cues. It’s an ability that began to escape us sometime around junior high. When I was a kid, it didn’t matter which friend I was hanging out with after school or spending the night with, we never got bored or recognized that we were about to run out of activities or subjects to talk about.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that as kids we knew “how to play”. Though I may not be a girl, I remember my sister and her friends always seemed to be playing “House”. Females socialize. Males, on the other hand, compete.

As boys we would go outside, often to the woods, to play out some sort of good guys/bad guys scenario. Our version of “Cops and Robbers” was more like Ninja Turtles Vs. Shredder. Bikes and water balloons were often part of the plan. When we got tired, we’d go inside and play Nintendo until we had regained enough energy to initiate a wrestling match on the carpet. And there was the trampoline too. Hours of fun.

But as adults, we don’t use “playing” anymore as the main way to interact with our friends.

It’s not as simple as an adult just to tell a friend, “Let’s hang out at my house after work today”. In many cases, the hanging out is done outside of the home. Instead of playing like we did as kids, adults talk and “catch up”. But there is always a staple to bring the people together. It may be sharing a meal, going to watch a game or movie, or a showing up at a party associated with a holiday or sports event.

But the most simple and common thing I see is people going out for coffee, beer, or wine. The drink serves as a campfire. In the same way people gather around a campfire and find comfort in it with those around them, a drink of choice magically sets the fertile environment for good conversation no matter the location. If by chance the friends find themselves in a noticeably quiet moment, it’s easy to fall back on the easy conversation piece: “Starbucks is wonderful”, “Good beer”, or “I love this wine.” Obviously it’s good. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be the modern day campfire.

The one exception and yet another reason to love Paul Rudd in a bromantic situation…