“We’re Gonna Leave in the Morning” – Song 4 – Enneagram 6 Songwriter – Analyzing Lyrics – Themes of Belonging and Security

It takes no stretch of the imagination to understand that my 4th song was written by an Enneagram 6, to an Enneagram 6.

This is the first official entry in my series of songs that I wrote specifically for my wife; as a glimpse into our relationship.

Ultimately, this song serves as a direct sequel to the song I wrote before it: “Fort Payne, Alabama“. It is about us starting over from our failed move to my hometown- and together, coming up with a new vision of our future together.

Apparently, that explains the line, “We won’t get lost, not this time. We’re gonna leave behind the plans we called Plan A.”

As Enneagram 6s, my wife and I both have 7 wings- and I would say that optimism stands out in these lyrics.

This also makes the first song of several in which I was able to convince my wife to sing with me.

Here are the lyrics:

“We’re gonna leave in the morning – We’re gonna hit the ground running – I know just where we’re going – We won’t get lost, not this time – We’re gonna leave behind the life we called Plan A – As follow the dots and lines of the painted interstate – And I don’t care if we’re just running off of fumes – As long as I’m with you – So put on that Speedwagon shirt you like to wear to bed – We’ll wake up about the time the coffee hits our heads – You’ll be the prettiest picture that’s ever been Instagrammed – As long as I’m your man – I will be your captain, you will be my lovely lady – I will take you where you want to go”

So looking back on this song I wrote nearly 4 years ago, can you see the Enneagram 6? Can you see my longing for security and confirmation of my own existence?

Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And now you can listen to the song, below, if you wish:



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