“The Meaning of Life” – Song 5 – Enneagram 6 Songwriter – Analyzing Lyrics – Themes of Belonging and Security

My wife joins me again in my 5th song, which probably wins the prize for the fewest lyrics of any song I’ve written in my life. More important, though, is the dark tone in the concept of this song.

It may be subtle, but in later songs, I revisit the personal confusion I face here in this song (published on November 6th, 2019) with my own understanding of Christian theology:

To possibly end up in hell, despite never choosing to be born with a sinful nature. For an introspective Enneagram 6 like me, I have always lived in anxiety about how happens to our consciousness after we die.

Even outside of the Christian faith, it is regularly assumed that one’s understanding of and carrying out of the meaning of one’s life is ultimately connected to entry to the afterlife.

Here are the lyrics:

“Is it heaven or hell in the end? Or do we fade to a black screen? It came without warning – I never asked to be born – Time is not on our side as we’re finding the meaning of life – I choose faith and hope but there’s no way of knowing – Until it’s too late if I’m wrong, will I know it?”

So looking back on this song I wrote nearly 4 years ago, can you see the Enneagram 6? Can you see my longing for security and confirmation of my own existence?

Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And now you can listen to the song, below, if you wish:


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