Attempting to Be the Next Chip and Joanna Gaines By Installing Weaber’s Weathered Wall Boards for Our New Headboard for Our Bed

My wife and I put the labor in Labor Day Weekend, that’s for sure…

Though undeniably, it was my parents who were the driving force for us to be able to get our projects completed:

While mom watched the kids the entire time, my dad led the projects. I served as the right hand man to him, and my wife handled some of the smaller projects.

We replaced the headboard of our bed using Weaber’s Weathered Wall Boards in Nantucket Gray. Here’s a link in case you’re interested in buying a similar product for the cheapest price on Amazon.

At Home Depot, we bought 3 boxes at $25 each, plus the $5’s worth in nails.

After using every single board, we created a 6 foot long, 5 foot 7 inch tall headboard.

But before we could start nailing the boards to the wall, we had to paint the walls first, as my wife find the perfect new color to compliment the boards, which is called Icicle (SW6238) from Lowe’s.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall I was painting, my wife was tackling the guest bathroom, with the new color Refresh (SW6751).

She also found a really cool mirror for us to replace the one that came with our house when we bought it new in January 2015.

By the time the paint dried, my wife felt the tone was darker than she imagined it would be, so we bought a $15 painting to offset the color a bit.

My wife also repainted the wall decor of our dining room, to make it look a little less dusty. She just simply used a can of spray paint for the job.

And speaking of the kitchen, since my dad and I got the new headboard finished quicker than we had hoped, we got started on the next project, which was to install shiplap as a backsplash for the kitchen.

It might have been possible to have completed the project in time before my parents had to go back to Alabama, but my dad realized that when the marble counters were installed, they were uneven. That meant he had to customize the bottom boards to match, so that all the other boards above it would be even.

We’ll finish up that job next time. As for now, my wife is very happy with the fruits of our labor; so that means I am happy.


Dear Holly: It’s Fun to Climb Ladders When You Shouldn’t

2 years, 4 months.

Dear Holly,

Over the weekend as we were in the process of repainting some of the rooms in our house, I didn’t realize that you were watching with great curiosity as Mommy and I took turns climbing the ladder, as we painted the higher parts of the walls near the ceiling.

So the first chance you got, you made your way over to the ladder and made it to the 3rd rung before announcing, “I climb!”

It’s fun to climb a ladder when you shouldn’t. You had the most fun, though, when Mommy helped you climb all the way to the top. You could have just hung out up there for an hour if you had the chance.

When you’re a bit older, we’ll be happy to let you climb that ladder and help with the painting!



Attempting to Be the Next Chip and Joanna Gaines By Painting Our Back Porch (Two Different Colors?!)

As we have recently have decided not to make the easy $80,000 profit from selling our house right now, the focus has instead become finding ways to make small upgrades without having to spend too much money; as our agenda is to pay off our mortgage as soon as possible.

While my parents were still in town for my wife’s birthday so we could enjoy going to the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville without worrying about the kids back at the house, my wife suggested we run out to Lowe’s the morning after to buy supplies to stain the back porch again.

Admittedly, I had been faithful to keep it stained… up until our daughter was born over 2 years ago.

Being the thrifty Millennial parents we are, we decided to check out the “Oops” section at Lowe’s, in an attempt to keep from having to pay nearly $50 for the stain.

I had remembered from last time I stained the porch that it took one big can and one small can to do the job. Turns out, there happened to be one big can and one small can there in the “Oops” section, with labels clearly confirming they were the exact same shade.

When we got back home, my wife chose dibs on the railings, which meant I would handle the deck itself. Once she opened her small can of stain, she mentioned her surprise that the color was more of a classic red; as opposed to the more natural look I had used before.

But oh well, we spent only $17.50, as opposed to nearly $50. Not to mention, as least we would be improving the quality of our back porch; even if it meant changing the color.

My wife was already a few minutes into starting the railing before I opened my big can of stain. Then I saw it… I shouted, “Hey! Stop. Look at this…”

I showed her how my can, despite the label indicating it was the exact same shade as her small can, was actually more of a salmon color, instead of classic red stain.

After a 2 minute deliberation, we decided to just to go for the two-one, knowing that A) we will likely stain it again (all the same color) before we eventually sell our house, and B) that most people probably wouldn’t even notice the colors didn’t match anyway…

Unless I made it obvious by doing a blog post about it.


Extreme Makeover: House Painting Edition

October 4, 2011 at 11:25 pm , by 

Ten months.

I think the best way to begin is to share a few things that I would rather do than paint two bedrooms with vaulted ceilings:

1) For the next three months, I would have to replace my bio picture here on The Dadabase (featured right) with one where I have an un-ironic mustache.

2) For three nights in a row, I would have to sleep on one of those inflatable alligator pool toys in the middle of a swimming pool in Wisconsin, where it’s colder. Also, I would have to sleep fully dressed so that when I regularly fell into the cold water, I would remain that much colder.

3) Fly to Sacramento and back with my infant son, again.

Some of our very good friends have been kind to take us in as we have waited for the renters in our townhouse to move out. This weekend, we will finally move back into it and make it our own.

For me, making our townhouse our own means the three of us moving ourselves and our stuff back into it. And the guest room officially becomes Jack’s bedroom. I would say that pretty much makes it our own.

But my wife helped me realized that in order to truly make our townhouse our own, we would need to paint the two bedrooms.

It didn’t matter that neither of us had ever actually painted the interior of a house before, nor did we have any painting supplies or equipment, or even someone to watch Jack on short notice. Painting had to be done to make this townhouse of ours our own.

On Saturday, I was able to recruit my highly experienced friend Jason to teach me how to tape off the walls and how to, basically, paint a room. He also had a ladder for me to get the job done with. Then the next day, our friends who we have been staying with watched Jack as Jill and I tackled his bedroom.

Ultimately, something I have realized about my wife and I is this: When we really want to get a job done, no matter how outlandish and impractical it may seem, we find a way to get it done.

We did it; painted both bedrooms (with vaulted ceilings) within a weekend. My preconceived ideas about painting were accurate: painting is a miserable experience. But we survived it!

I want to brag on my wife’s ability to pick out colors. For our bedroom, she chose a very light green named “River Reed,” which has a breezy Caribbean feel  to it. Jack’s bedroom is Ranch Mink; a chocolate brown. We’re calling Jack’s bedroom his “boy cave.”

Want to see finished pictures of our fine work? Wait until we move in this weekend and I will surely deliver.

Readers’ Expectations 4: False Witness Memories, Jon Lovitz in Drag, and That Urban Legend About Women on Adrenaline

It’s been over a month since the last time I took a few minutes to share the most absurd Google searches that people used to find my website (Readers’ Expectations 3 on May 7th).  Now that enough bizarre key words have washed up, it’s time to check them out.

“how to photograph the Hollywood sign”- Well, first you get a camera.  Then you go to Hollywood and stand in front of the sign.  Press the correct button on the camera.  Bam.  You’re done.

“false witness memories”- Is it easy or is it difficult to remember memories that don’t exist?

“Jon Lovitz in drag”- That’s the ticket!

“women defecating”- I don’t know which is worse: The fact that some sick guy out there wants to see a woman doing “#2” or that somehow what I’ve written about something that in some jumbled sense, comes out similar to what he was looking for.

“brian winkles fort payne”- Brian Winkles was one of my best friends growing up.  I’ve referenced him a few times in my writings.  Either he Googled his own name or… looks like somebody’s got a secret admirer… woo-ooo…

“nick shell sugar”- I feel proud of that fact my discovery that consuming one tablespoon of sugar is equal to smoking one cigarette is becoming a world renown, sought after article: healthnutshell: A Tablespoon of Sugar or a Cigarette?  Oh, and… That’s “Doctor” Nick Shell to you…

This is the best you're gonna find, Mister.

“a pickle driving car”- Yeah, that’s cool.  A lot of people out there are looking to learn about that these days.  Also popular, “a pickle directing traffic”.


“women on adrenaline urban legend”- Did you know that one time, there were these women, and they got all hyped on adrenaline, and oh boy,  you’ll never believe what happened…

“famous painting”- Oh… That famous painting…  Yeah! I love that famous painting!  It’s hanging up on my wall.  Interesting, sounds like we’ve got a lot in common- you and me.  And the famous painting.