Dear Holly: It’s Fun to Climb Ladders When You Shouldn’t

2 years, 4 months.

Dear Holly,

Over the weekend as we were in the process of repainting some of the rooms in our house, I didn’t realize that you were watching with great curiosity as Mommy and I took turns climbing the ladder, as we painted the higher parts of the walls near the ceiling.

So the first chance you got, you made your way over to the ladder and made it to the 3rd rung before announcing, “I climb!”

It’s fun to climb a ladder when you shouldn’t. You had the most fun, though, when Mommy helped you climb all the way to the top. You could have just hung out up there for an hour if you had the chance.

When you’re a bit older, we’ll be happy to let you climb that ladder and help with the painting!



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