My Kids Try Out Bobbi-Toads Kids’ Shoes with Bobbi-Dobbiez Clip-On Stuffed Animals

As Labor Day Weekend began, a mysterious box had arrived at our door. Remembering that Bobbi-Toads had reached out to me the week before, offering to let my kids try out their brand of shoes, I decided to let him open their surprise right away.

The look on my daughter’s face makes it clear how excited to she was to get her surprise.

She got a pair of size 7 Pollipop Purple Panda shoes with matching Purple Panda Bobbi-Dobbiez, while my son got the 4 Boomz in size 3.

Once they both put on their new shoes, they instinctively began running across the house. I shot this little video to capture the action:

My daughter especially liked how the toes lit up in rainbow colors- and how she was able to attach her “baby bear” on to her shoes.

It is plain to see that my kids naturally loved receiving their new Bobbi-Toads and Bobbi-Dobbiez.

If you would like to buy some for your own kids, or maybe as a gift, here’s a link to check out their website:


Thanks for checking them out today!

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