Attempting to Be the Next Chip and Joanna Gaines By Installing Weaber’s Weathered Wall Boards for Our New Headboard for Our Bed

My wife and I put the labor in Labor Day Weekend, that’s for sure…

Though undeniably, it was my parents who were the driving force for us to be able to get our projects completed:

While mom watched the kids the entire time, my dad led the projects. I served as the right hand man to him, and my wife handled some of the smaller projects.

We replaced the headboard of our bed using Weaber’s Weathered Wall Boards in Nantucket Gray. Here’s a link in case you’re interested in buying a similar product for the cheapest price on Amazon.

At Home Depot, we bought 3 boxes at $25 each, plus the $5’s worth in nails.

After using every single board, we created a 6 foot long, 5 foot 7 inch tall headboard.

But before we could start nailing the boards to the wall, we had to paint the walls first, as my wife find the perfect new color to compliment the boards, which is called Icicle (SW6238) from Lowe’s.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall I was painting, my wife was tackling the guest bathroom, with the new color Refresh (SW6751).

She also found a really cool mirror for us to replace the one that came with our house when we bought it new in January 2015.

By the time the paint dried, my wife felt the tone was darker than she imagined it would be, so we bought a $15 painting to offset the color a bit.

My wife also repainted the wall decor of our dining room, to make it look a little less dusty. She just simply used a can of spray paint for the job.

And speaking of the kitchen, since my dad and I got the new headboard finished quicker than we had hoped, we got started on the next project, which was to install shiplap as a backsplash for the kitchen.

It might have been possible to have completed the project in time before my parents had to go back to Alabama, but my dad realized that when the marble counters were installed, they were uneven. That meant he had to customize the bottom boards to match, so that all the other boards above it would be even.

We’ll finish up that job next time. As for now, my wife is very happy with the fruits of our labor; so that means I am happy.



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