How to Pick A Good Dehumidifier?

Air quality can be suffered in a lot of ways. Much humidity is one of the effects. If it is left unchecked, then moisture can cause some issues in your home. It includes musty odors, mold, warped wood, as well as peeling paint. A dehumidifier works as an air cleaner which purifies your surrounding environment and makes it perfect for you to breath.

If you are worried about high humidity levels within your home, you must consider getting a dehumidifier. Just look at the below mention points before getting it:

Effects of much humidity

High humidity can lead to some bad effects on the body. It can make the air feel quite heavy and a bit uncomfortable. Excessive humidity can also impact people’s moods and make them feel sick. Allergy symptoms can also be aggravated due to much humidity.

High humidity causes negative impacts on the home as well. It can impact the structural integrity of your building.

Read on to find out how to choose a dehumidifier.

Figure out the scope of the issue

Do figure that whether your home is totally humid, or is there a problem confined to only one place. The nature of the issue figures out the solution. The larger full-house dehumidifiers tend to tie into your HVAC system moreover include a drainpipe which empties directly into your slop sink, the outdoors, or even into a sump pump.

These dehumidifiers are expensive and usually need professional installation. The portable dehumidifiers are less costly and are also more consumer-friendly. This plug right into your wall and work through built-in interfaces which are simple to understand as well as configure.

Some portable dehumidifiers have hoses which can drain and pump out the collected water automatically. There are others that have a bucket which needs to be emptied out regularly.

Know the area’s square footage

Dehumidifiers of similar designs can differ when it comes to capacity. Choose one which can hold around ten pints of water particularly for a 500-square-foot area. You can add four pints capacity for every extra 500 square feet.

If space is really damp, pick a dehumidifier which holds about 12 pints of water specifically for a 500-square-foot area. You can add five pints for an additional 500 square feet.

Remember energy efficiency

Look for a dehumidifier that does not consume much energy. Energy Star-certified ones use around 15 percent less energy in comparison to conventional units. If you want to save money, then get one that is energy efficient.

Check out some reviews

If you are ready to buy a dehumidifier, then you can also check reviews about them. They can be found online. You can check for more details on By looking at some reviews, you can get an idea about the humidifiers before purchasing. You can figure out whether it will be suitable for you or not.

A dehumidifier is necessary if you stay in a climate that is extremely humid. You can look at the different dehumidifiers available and pick the best one for you.

Making Cool Party Favors By Baking Crayons In Lego Man Molds

3 years, 11 months.

Making Cool Party Favors By Baking Crayons In Lego Man Molds

Dear Jack,

In addition to making you feel special by taking you to go get tater tots at Burger Republic back in September for the “The Great Food Truck Festival”, you also had a lot of fun that same weekend by helping Mommy and me make some of the party favors for your upcoming birthday party in just two weeks.

For your appropriately themed Lego party at Bricks 4 Kids (A Lego-themed party place), we are giving out homemade Lego Man crayons as part of your party favor bags.

Mommy found the Lego Man mold on Amazon. From there, we found a few boxes of old crayons; some of them having been baking in our cars for the past couple of years!

Making Cool Party Favors By Baking Crayons In Lego Man Molds

My main job was to take the knife and cut off the paper wrappers. Your job was to organize the crayons by color (which you did with great pride) and throw away the wrappers for me after I cut them off the crayons, which was actually very helpful for me.

From there, Mommy crushed them and fit them into the molds, baking them for a little while. After that they went into the freezer to cool off.

Making Cool Party Favors By Baking Crayons In Lego Man Molds

Too bad we only had one mold tray, which yields 8 Lego Man crayons at a time. Mommy was basically baking batches for about 6 hours straight in order to produce a total of about 64.

So as you can see, as long as you use as least 2 different colors of crayons, each Lego Man crayon is guaranteed to look unique, like a snowflake or a fingerprint.

Making Cool Party Favors By Baking Crayons In Lego Man Molds

My favorite one looked like the Earth. I named him Captain Planet.

Without surprise, you immediately chose your favorites to put in your own goody bag.

Making those Lego Man crayons was definitely a fun family activity for us. Granted, Mommy’s role was the most tedious.

Making Cool Party Favors By Baking Crayons In Lego Man Molds

But we all a great time. It was such a unique and “Pinteresty” thing for us to do.

I guess we get cool points now or something…