Dear Jack: Do You Know The Mushroom Man? (Mel O. Mushroom)

4 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack: Do You Know The Mushroom Man?

Dear Jack,

Last Saturday we met up with some of your friends from your old preschool, at our favorite place to dine out: Mellow Mushroom.

Other than Whole Foods, it’s one of the few places near where we live that openly accommodates to my vegan lifestyle as well as you and Mommy being vegetarians. Not to mention, we’re Dave Ramsey followers so it’s hard to justify eating out every week when we’ve got a mortgage to pay off early

We rarely eat out, so when we do, it’s always a special event; like when we moved into our new house… and for Valentine’s Day.

It was a great place to catch up with your friends’ parents; meanwhile, you and your friends enjoyed hanging out underneath the table.

Right after I had just paid the bill at the end of the meal, your friend Madison’s dad mentioned to me there was something going on behind me, near the front door.

I looked over, then shouted to you:

“Jack! There’s a mushroom man! Come with me right now!”

We scurried over to the scene. There was a staff worker dressed in the restaurant’s mascot costume; as Mel O. Mushroom.

It was quite an intriguing spectacle… even for me to witness.

You were obviously fascinated. I was somewhat surprised you showed no hint of fear whatsoever.

The Mushroom Man gave you high fives; you gladly participated. You stood there in awe of his shroomy splendor.

It’s not every day you happen upon a 6 foot tall mutant mushroom in the middle of downtown Franklin, Tennessee.  I suppose he was there to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

You tried to look up his… mushroom skirt, for lack of a better term; to try to figure out whether it was a real person- or an actual, genuine mutant mushroom person.

As we left Mellow Mushroom, you had to ask, “Daddy, was that a real man?”

I explained that it was a person in a costume, which was what you thought; but I can still see you were having a little bit of trouble digesting that truth. After all, I too would want to believe the Mushroom Man was real.



Dear Jack: Our Visit To Mellow Mushroom In Downtown Franklin, TN

4 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack: Our Visit To Mellow Mushroom In Downtown Franklin, TN

Dear Jack,

Last Friday after work, I drove straight to Mellow Mushroom in downtown Franklin; which is only about 20 minutes from our new house.

Grandma wanted to take our family out to dinner to help celebrate us moving in our new home.

I suggested Mellow Mushroom, already familiar with the idea that it was “vegan friendly,” though we hadn’t eaten there since I became a vegan nearly 2 years ago.

Dear Jack: Our Visit To Mellow Mushroom In Downtown Franklin, TN

Turns out, it was one of the best meals I’ve had eating out at in a long time. I was pleasantly delighted to be there; and so were you!

You enjoyed getting to see “the Mushroom Man,” who was made completely out of spare car parts.

I liked their kids’ menu. You ordered a cheese pizza with a side order of steamed broccoli… which you ate all of.

As for me, I had a delectable vegan pizza which came with vegan cheese, tofu, and plenty of veggies.

Plus, I’ve never been to a Mellow Mushroom when the service wasn’t perfect. The staff is always so helpful, yet laid back.

Dear Jack: Our Visit To Mellow Mushroom In Downtown Franklin, TN

I almost forgot… Mellow Mushroom is where Mommy and I went to dinner the night I proposed to her!

Back in January 2008, I had planned to propose at Saffire restaurant at the Franklin Factory, where we had first met. However, the day of, I found out that restaurant was closed on Monday’s.

So we had dinner at that same Mellow Mushroom there in downtown Franklin, then we drove to the Franklin Factory, where Mommy said yes when I proposed.

While we’re obviously not new to Mellow Mushroom, now that we are a plant-based family I feel that we have now discovered our official go-to eat-out restaurant closest to our new home.

Obviously, you know we don’t go out often, but when we do on special occasions, I’d be fine with going to Mellow Mushroom every time. We’re actually going back this Saturday night for a fun, family Valentine’s dinner!



Dear Jack: Our Visit To Mellow Mushroom In Downtown Franklin, TN