Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets, Made from Brown Paper Sacks

5 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets Made from Brown Paper Sacks

Dear Jack,

Monday evening I came home from work, to discover a trail of 5 homemade cat puppets made from brown paper sacks; beginning at the front door, ending at the kitchen.

When I asked you about them, you just smiled but gave me no explanation.

By dinner time, about 30 minutes later, you began opening up.

You shared their names with me: Bouncy Cat, Wizard Cat, Shape Cat, Letter Cat, and Surprise Cat.

Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets Made from Brown Paper Sacks

I quickly noticed that each character had a related symbol drawn on its chest with a marker.

Bouncy Kitty had a red bouncy ball. Wizard Kitty had a magic hat.

I had to ask you, though: “Why does Surprise Kitty have that name?”

You immediately demonstrated. You stuck your hand inside the puppet and opening his mouth; revealing his teeth.

Turns out, Surprise Kitty is the only cat puppet has teeth when you open his mouth.

That’s the surprise.

Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets Made from Brown Paper Sacks

As you were gathering your cat puppets from off the carpet where you had them lined up, Mommy pulled me aside to explain, with a smile:

“Jack made ‘Care Cats’ today at school.”

Mommy and I figured out the story without having to say another word to each other:

This past weekend, as a family, we watched The Care Bears Movie on Netflix.

You were obviously inspired to create your own version: Care Cats.

After dinner, you went on to demonstrate how the Care Cats double as a juke box/CD player.

Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets Made from Brown Paper Sacks

You gave me some quarters to insert inside a Care Cat, which was lying between two pillows. But instead of a song playing, you just started dancing; inviting me to join you.

The next day, I came home to 3 new Care Cats. You insisted I feed them quarters “so they can go poop.” Obviously, lifting the Care Cats upright, causing the quarters to fell out, meant that they were relieving themselves.

Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets Made from Brown Paper Sacks

On your own, you found the old sock money dog bed that I used to place you in when you were a newborn, and you made that the bed for your Care Cats.

Dear Jack: Your “Care Cats” Puppets Made from Brown Paper Sacks

They sleep next to your bed now, so that you can keep an eye of them.

You are such a sweet and creative boy.



Dear Jack: Our Homemade Jack-Man Commercial For The Toyota Sienna

4 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: Our Homemade Jack-Man Commercial For The Toyota Sienna

Dear Jack,

As promised, I spent some birthday money on editing software and a nice tripod, so that I could start making my own videos as a way to enhance Family Friendly Daddy Blog.

Today, I officially debut my first real project:

“2015 Toyota Sienna Homemade Commercial: Jack-Man”

Last week while we took our mini vacation to Pensacola, Toyota provided a 2015 Sienna for our family to review.

But before I decided to make my official video for our trip, I thought it would be fun to make a homemade commercial for the Sienna which would also tie in our new upcoming web series: Jack-Man.

So Mommy helped you put on the super hero costume that your friend Madison had given you for your birthday, then you and I headed out to the driveway to film the footage.

From there, I wrote and recorded the Jack-man theme song; which I will slightly alter the lyrics to for the actual upcoming web series in which I will play the villain.

Then I put it all together. Granted, it’s one of my first video editing projects and I was my own teacher when it came to learning to how to do all this.

So I’m sure our videos will be that much better in the months to come. Still, I’m very proud of “2015 Toyota Sienna Homemade Commercial: Jack-Man”. I think it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I know that you enjoyed making the video with me.

It used to be that fathers would teach their sons a trade. Maybe blogging and video editing can be what I pass on to you…




Here are the lyrics to this commercial version of the Jack-Man theme song:

Jack-Man, who will fight for justice?

Jack can, he really loves bananas

That man gets his super powers from them

Jack-Man rides in a Toyota Sienna minivan

His getaway car is driven by his dad