“I Feel Like You Want Me to Care” – Song 8 – Enneagram 6 Songwriter – Analyzing Lyrics – Themes of Belonging and Security

My 8th song is a clear example of what Counterphobic 6 looks like. Keep in mind, I published this song on January 26, 2020; still a couple of years before I even started studying Enneagram to have a clue why I would be inspired to write a song like this, which was ultimately a reflection of what I was specifically going through at the time.

This was still at the start of my own Great Awakening, where I had begun to realize I had been giving too much control over my emotions to other people; that it is always my choice to be offended or insulted by what another person says.

“I Feel Like You Want Me to Care” is my official declaration about this realization; a concept which I have continued to build on in the past few years since writing this song.

I should also point out the Enneagram 6s often struggle with believing in themselves. By me overcoming this habit of letting other people offend me or insult me, it was a major step in my learning to depend on my inner self; even if it was by being “counterphobic”:

I feel like you want me to care – I would, but there ain’t nothin’ there – I’m not offended or disrespected – I don’t expect to be treated better – Not triggered, go figure – I’m not a victim but I might be a villain – You determine where I fall on the spectrum – I don’t have a dog in the fight – I’m an accidental catcher in the rye – Your information doesn’t affect my life – I don’t have any skin in the game – My emotions and time are my own domain – I refuse to give my peace of mind away

So looking back on this song I wrote over 2 years ago, can you see the Enneagram 6? Can you see my longing for security and confirmation of my own existence?

Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And now you can listen to the song, below, if you wish:



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