Dear Jack: Your 1st School Dance… With Girls!

11 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

Last Friday night, Mommy and I drove you and your best friend Landon to your first school dance! And yes, a dance where there were girls.

However, you were super chill about the whole thing. But it was very important to you that you were able to go.

I kept asking, “Are you sure you are going to feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt? Are you sure you won’t feel underdressed?”

To be sure, I snuck a few button down shirts in the car just in case.

But sure enough, this apparently was a very casual middle school dance where no one really dressed up.

You confirmed that boys and girls in 6th grade weren’t really dancing with each other.

It mainly was just a way to hang out. Either way, you were so glad you went!





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