I am Featured This Week on Care2.com: 10 Vegan Bloggers Share Their Favorite Money Saving Tips

I am Featured This Week on Care2.com: 10 Vegan Bloggers Share Their Favorite Money Saving Tips

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m a rare minority: I’m a male vegan.

I explained how we male vegans make up less than 1% of Americans, as most vegans are female.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that there is only one other male vegan blogger featured in Care2’s post this week about saving money as a vegan.

Care2 is “the largest online community empowering people to lead a healthy and green lifestyle” so I take it as a major compliment they found me and asked me to participate in their money-saving post for vegans.

I decided to take a different route, and instead of making my tip about food, I made it about fitness. Here is what I said in the article:

“One smart and easy way I save money as a vegan is that I refuse to pay for gym membership. Granted, I still work out regularly: I mountain bike, I run, I do push-ups while my five year-old son sits on top of my back. I even do pull ups at a nearby playground. Plus, I do a minimum of three 10 minute walks per day while I record my daily YouTube videos.

I believe America has a double standard when it comes to working out: that you must have six pack abs to be ‘healthy.’ That’s asinine. That’s like when a person goes on a diet by eating nothing but salads and drinking diet soda.

Instead, you can have a healthy heart by not only committing to a vegan diet (which causes you to never consume more than 0% of your daily cholesterol allowance) but also by finding practical ways to ‘work out’ for free, like I do. No, I don’t have six pack abs, but my doctor tells me I’m one of the healthiest patients he has for my age.”

I now invite you to check out the entire article, which features the other 9 vegan bloggers as well:

10 Vegan Bloggers Share Their Favorite Money Saving Tips

I also invite you to watch my video I made on how to become a vegan and still be cool:




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