Calling All Guest Bloggers Who are Experimenting with Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes!

You don’t actually even have to be a blogger. Maybe you simply have found yourself positively and curiously effected by my steady stream of “vegan life” blog posts or my wife’s “Family Friendly (Mommy) Blog” posts; many of which features her original vegan/vegetarian recipes.

Calling All Guest Bloggers Who are Experimenting with Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes!

By now, those documentaries on Netflix (like Forks Over Knives, and Vegucated) have really made an influence over many of us.

This week I had a friend from college reach out to me, explaining he is “going vegan” until Thanksgiving. My response was basically to force him to agree to do a guest blog post for me. He agreed.

So then I figured, why stop there? Why not extend my offer to anyone out there who has discovered my blog, who would like to share their vegan/vegetarian stories here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog?

Here’s what I’m looking for in a guest blogger:

1)      In 300 words or more, share your (and/or your family’s) journey of exploring the vegan/vegetarian path. What positive benefits have you noticed since experimenting with a diet free of dairy, eggs, and or meat? Or simply share a vegan/vegetarian recipe that your family enjoyed, like my wife does.

2)      Share relevant pictures in the post. Make your story come to life by including photographs to illustrate; even if they are just from Instagram.

3)      Email your blog post and pictures to me at

I am excited about this new blog series. It will be a collaborative experience. I’m used to hosting the discussion about the plant-based life, but I eagerly invite you, the reader, to join me on stage.

If you already have your own blog, this could be a good way to grow your own audience, as I will obviously include the link to your blog in the post.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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