Dear Jack: Your Drawing Of A Freak Wearing A Backpack

3 years, 10 months.

Your Drawing Of A Freak Wearing A Backpack

Dear Jack,

This past weekend on our fall road trip from Nashville to Asheville, as we reviewed the 4G capabilities of the 2015 Buick LaCrosse, you passed some of the time by drawing pictures in the back seat with Mommy.

I was focused on the road, but peripherally I heard you say, “Look Mommy, I drew a picture of a freak… wearing a backpack!”

Sure enough, you did.

Your picture of the “freak wearing a backpack” actually reminded me of those creatures from Spy Vs. Spy in Mad magazine; or the Yoyo the dodo bird from Looney Tunes.

Mommy and I questioned you on where you heard the word “freak.” We assumed you heard it at school or even by watching an episode of Spongebob Squarepants in the hotel when you first woke up.

You told us you just made up the word. I believe you. It’s not the first time you’ve made up a word; it’s just that this particular word actually made sense in context.


When I asked you what a freak is, you casually responded, “It’s just a kind of monster, Daddy.”

White Spy Black Spy

Fair enough. Makes sense to me. And though I’m not sure what the significance is in him wearing a backpack, but I like it.

I adore your art. You should know that by the fact I’ve got a folder named “Jack’s Art” on the Facebook page for Family Friendly Daddy Blog.

And your Freak Wearing A Backpack is a prime example of why I appreciate what you do.

I love the way you are so specific to whatever you are creating, with such passion and concern, and that your art projects are typically something so randomly themed.

Freak Wearing A Backpack almost sounds like it could easily be the name of an actual work of art on display in a museum in New York City or something.

Yoyo Dodo_(1)

The “freak” is wearing a backpack. I’m just taking that in right now.

That’s awesome.



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