9 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Own a Truck 

There are several different reasons why you should own a truck. You can learn more about these reasons by clicking right here. 

King of the road — you know the old song? You don’t have to hitch rides in old boxcars to feel like you’re on top of the world. 

Get a pickup truck instead! 

For every hauling need, coupled with a sense of adventure you don’t get anywhere else, a pickup delivers. It has many other surprising advantages, too. 

For a full list of reasons why you should own a truck, keep reading this article. 

  1. Hauling Ability

Trucks are all about pulling things behind them. If you own a pickup truck, you can tow a boat. You can tow another car. 

You can tow anything if you have a pickup. The RV industry is booming right now because camping is a renewed pastime. Other recreation options are out because of the ramifications of COVID, so camping is a favorite again. 

If an RV lifestyle has never looked better to you, then getting your hands on a pickup truck is the way to go. You can try out different rigs before you buy the right one for your family, just to see how well they pull. 

  1. Rough and Tough Style

If you buy a truck, people will have mad respect for you when you drive up. Rolling through town in a pickup truck is enough to turn heads. 

When you’re a lady driving a truck, you turn heads because it’s unusual and very attractive. When you’re a man driving a truck, you’re extra tough and virile. No matter who you are, if your image needs a boost, then driving a truck can do it for you. 

  1. Tons of Space

One of the best reasons to buy a truck is for the space it provides. The interior cab has lots of room for passengers, which means it’s comfortable even for long road trips. That works out well if you’re taking that fifth-wheel across the country for a socially-distanced visit with your extended family. 

From the cushy driver’s seat to the luxury feel of the backseat, a pickup’s interior is just one more reason to go get one today. 

  1. Own a Truck for Drive-In Movies

There’s nothing like watching a drive-in movie from the bed of a truck. If you’re still watching drive-in movies from the front seat of your sedan or in a camping chair outside, you’re missing out. 

The best way to dress up the bed of yourRAM 1500is in anticipation of a drive-in movie. Style it any way you want, but some favor the winning designs that involve champagne, soft blankets, and tons of pillows. 

  1. Support Your Active Lifestyle

If you like to get out and have adventures, then a pickup is a must for your activities. Your truck will have room for a motorcycle or dirt bikes in the back. It’ll have room for jet skis. 

You can have room for bicycles, hunting gear, and camping equipment. Whatever you need for your next big hike or bungee jumping trip, you can fit in the pickup. Haul more with the truck of your dreams. 

If you’re asking yourself, “Why buy a truck?” then you have to know: trucks are perfect for weekend adventures. It’s time to go off-roading or climbing sand dunes with your pickup. 

  1. Versatile Vehicle

Trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles on the market. You can haul things like live animals and farm equipment one day, and then wash it and dress it up for date night the next. 

If you need a vehicle that can fit the whole family, this is it. If you need one that can take a beating when it comes to heavy stuff, this is it. You can even use it to haul your camping stuff thousands of miles. 

Whatever your style, a truck will take care of it all. 

  1. Safety

One of the best reasons to get a truck is to keep your family safe in case of a crash. You’re much better protected in a truck than in a smart car or a compact car. Even SUVs don’t always have the best safety ratings, no matter how stylish they look. 

If you truly value your safety and that of your passengers, then a truck is the way to go. You can be the most cautious driver in the world and still not manage to prevent an accident because some of your safety depends on other drivers on the road. In case someone hits you, make sure you’re in a vehicle that won’t harm you. 

  1. Vintage Charm

You can get an old pickup like a 50s Chevy or your grandpa’s original model if you’re looking for some vintage charm. Not only does it scratch the itch for nostalgia, but it also makes a great hobby. 

Antique pickups are also great for photos. From the tailgate to the retro curves on the front end, you’ll love the way the pictures turn out. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Another great reason to get a pickup truck is that pickups don’t cost an arm and a leg like they used to. They’re actually an affordable vehicle that fits in your budget. Compared spec to spec with SUVs, pickups come out ahead. 

Trucks are also not the gas guzzlers that they used to be, so you’ll save a lot in gas, too. You can find eco-friendly trucks, as well as hybrid models. 

For a cheaper option with all the capabilities you dream of, a truck is the best choice. 

The Open Road Is Waiting 

The reasons to own a truck far outweigh the reasons not to. It’s not just the hauling ability and versatility that makes it a great choice. 

Look for affordability, safety, space, and more when you finally find a truck to call your own. 

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Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

5 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

Dear Jack,

It’s simply family tradition by now that we attended the Monster Jam truck show this past weekend. This made our 3rd time; and both you and Mommy declared for yourselves… this was your favorite.

And I would have to agree.

As did the Fulmer family, who won the ticket giveaway on my blog, Family Friendly Daddy Blog.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

They told me their little boy cried once the show was over and he realized the trucks wouldn’t be coming back out. That’s how you know it was a good show!

The action was simply non-stop. This was the first time we had seen the wheelie popping contest.

It was great being able to see these huge monster trucks leap straight into the air, thanks to the dirt ramps in the middle of the arena.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

Whether I should admit this or not, it’s always interesting to watch what happens when the monster trucks flip over.

This happened at least twice while we were there.

The first time was with Gravedigger. I took this handy little video to share with the world:

And then it happened again with Zombie. I took pictures of that, as opposed to a video.

There’s a little bulldozer on standby that comes to the rescue, which flips the monster truck upright- obviously, the driver runs out of the vehicle first.

Zombie was your favorite. You loved how “his” arms waved in front of him the whole time.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

Something that really caught my attention this time around is how diverse the monster truck industry is becoming. I love what I’m seeing.

I noticed that Scooby Doo, which happened to be one of the best performing trucks at the show, is driven by a female, Nichole Johnson from California.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

Going back to your favorite monster truck that day, Zombie, its driver is Bari Musawwir.

This shows me that monster trucks have officially gone mainstream. I celebrate that.

The diversity of the audience demonstrated this as well. Monster trucks are for everyone and anyone who shows up to watch the action.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

Our family is faithful to Monster Jam each year when they come through Nashville.

Before we had left for the show, you were imagining dragons as you took some time to draw a dragon before the show; not even knowing there was a monster truck called Dragon.

Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

Of all coincidences, after the show we stopped by Walmart to let you pick out a monster truck. Sure enough, they had Dragon, which again, you didn’t even know existed.

Needless to say, you’ve been clutching “him” tightly in bed for the past couple of night, like you do your stuffed animals.



Dear Jack: We were at the 2016 Monster Jam in Nashville!

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

Three weeks ago, our family was able to drive a brand-new 2015 Chevy Colorado crew cab from our home near Nashville (TN) to Montgomery (AL) as we supported our nephew Matt graduated Air Force boot camp.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

Though he’s from Sacramento (CA) where my wife is from, Matt’s boot camp was coincidentally assigned in Montgomery, which is in driving distance (about 4 hours) from where we live.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

When Chevrolet found out we were going to be the only family members able to see Matt graduate, as the rest of his family is on the west coast, they jumped at the chance to provide a vehicle to help us make the journey.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

Chevrolet is a big supporter of our military, providing discounts to Active Duty members, reserves, veterans within one year of discharge – including spouses of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard. The discount can be combined with most current incentives. Here’s a link to Chevy’s site for more on their military discount.

I have to point out that the general public was thoroughly impressed by the mere sight of the 2015 Chevy Colorado. During the week I drove it, I had people approaching me asking about it.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

Here’s my walk-around video I made:

When you see the truck in person, it’s hard to look away. And not simply because it was yellow; but because it’s very clear this is a tough truck.

I filmed my son’s and wife’s first reaction to it when I pulled in the driveway. I promise I didn’t prompt them to say anything; I just let the camera roll. Their reactions are completely sincere.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

On the way to our hotel near Maxwell Air Force Base there in Montgomery, we stopped at Mellow Mushroom to have dinner with our son’s good friend, Sophie, who coincidentally moved away last year from Nashville to Montgomery.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

The next morning we attended our nephew Matt’s boot camp graduation. He happened to be at the end of the parade, holding a rifle, next the flag bearers, so I got a good shot of him for my video.

Afterwards, we had some time to hang out there on the base and catch up with him. The Chevy Colorado provided a much needed break from the heat outside, leading up until it was time to eat lunch there at the base.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

But first, Matt gave us a tour of Maxwell, showing us on the jets, which my son was impressed to see.

Eventually, we had to say goodbye to Matt; though we should be seeing him again when we make our annual trip to Sacramento, next month.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

It goes without saying we are more than proud to see Matt began a career that involves serving in our military. He has what it takes!

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

The road trip wasn’t complete without a trip back to my hometown in Fort Payne (AL), on the way back to Nashville.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

Our niece Calla had her 4th birthday party! So to make things even more fun, our family shot a couple Jack-Man webisodes.

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

By the way, Jack-Man is a web series that my son Jack and I do, in which he is the superhero and I am the arch nemesis. For webisodes 14 and 15, the 2015 Chevy Colorado serves as part of the plot device.

So it’s apparent we had a wonderful road trip. We look forward to reviewing more Chevy vehicles in the future!

And now I will close with my video which features the events mentioned above:

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

2015 Chevy Colorado Maxwell Air Force Base Road Trip

2015 Chevy Colorado provided courtesy of Chevrolet for promotional purposes.

3rd Birthday Monster Truck Road Trip: Mountain Driving

November 26, 2013 at 11:33 pm , by 

3 years.

Dear Jack,

So the whole idea behind “getting you a monster truck” (a Toyota Tundra) for the week of your 3rd birthday was for you to actually get to go for a worthy ride in it. For your monster truck road trip, it was important to me that we didn’t just see cool stuff, like Little River Falls, but that we also got to take full advantage of driving an awesome truck in between in each stop on our tour.

I remember the last time I took this trip, it was challenging and a bit scary to drive up and down some of the roads along the canyon. I mean, incredibly steep and narrow passages.

However, being in our monster truck changed that.

There was one point where I had planned for Mommy to hop out and run down to the hill to take a picture of us driving down the ridiculously steep (and dangerous) road.

It wasn’t until the end of the road trip that I realized we had already crossed that point a ways back; I just didn’t realize it because of how well our truck handled it.

So, sorry Son. I meant for the trip to be a bit more… scary. I’m sure in a regular car it would have been. But I could tell you didn’t mind.

The whole thing was a dream for you.

By the way, it was so cold that morning. It started out at 32 degrees and ended at 36. This was the first time for me to get to experience dual control heat for the seats. As you can see from these pictures, I kept mine on 68, while Mommy’s remained at 75. Not to mention, the seats had their own heat controls as well. Classy!

Our next stop was the old abandoned theme park, called Canyon Land, then Canyon Mouth Park.

I kept peeking back at you during our ride. You didn’t say much, but you didn’t have to. I could tell this trip meant the world to you.

To be continued…





Disclaimer: The vehicle mentioned in this story was provided at the expense of Toyota, for the purpose of reviewing.


Nashville Dad Introduces 3 Year-Old Son To Country Music

November 25, 2013 at 10:21 pm , by 

3 years.

Dear Jack,

When theToyota Tundrawas delivered to me last week to test drive for 7 days, as part of your 3rd birthday gift from me, the SiriusXM radio was set to a jazz station.

In theory, jazz is technically my favorite kind of music.

However, considering the vehicle I was driving, it just felt wrong while going the quarter of a mile from my office to your school.

In fact, I almost think that any new Toyota Tundra should automatically come with a cowboy hat…

So, I changed the station to Country music.

After your intial ecstatic reaction to seeing the truck for the first time and I got you buckled in, you asked me, “Daddy, what’s that music playing right now?”

“That’s Country music, son.” I explained.

It was about that time that we discovered the entire back window behind you rolled all the way down with the simple flip of a switch.

That, combined with the moonroof being up, created the ultimate “pick-up truck convertible” situation as we cruised through the constant red light stops of Cool Springs, TN as Willie Nelson played through the stereo.

The next morning, and every day I didn’t automatically set the station to Country, you simply requested/mumbled:

“Country music, Daddy.”

It wasn’t until this past week that I even realized you had no idea what Country music even was.

Growing up in the same small town as the band, Alabama, it was a given that the first (and main) kind of music I heard when I was a boy was Country music.

Granted, our family lives in Nashville, so it’s about time you know what Country music is about.

You were born in this city.

So maybe I need to do a better job of introducing you to more Southern culture.

I’d say getting to ride around in a huge pick-up truck while listening to Country music the week following your 3rd birthday is a good start.





Disclaimer: The vehicle mentioned in this story was provided at the expense of Toyota, for the purpose of reviewing.