My Dad’s “Rat Burger” Story: A Rat Refused to Eat His McDonald’s Cheeseburger

Yesterday morning my dad, Jack Shell, posted an interesting little story on his Facebook page. I thought it was worth sharing here on my blog:

rat burger

“This is a McDonald’s cheeseburger I bought in November 2014. It has been in the original wrapper on a shelf in my office. The bread is hard and brittle but there is no mold, no smell, no deterioration. Rats and insects haven’t even touched it. I just killed a big rat in my office last week, too. I guess the rat didn’t recognize it to be food. Why should you? Remember this next time you are eating at McDonald’s.”

I suppose that my dad’s testimonial is not too shocking, considering most of us have already since Supersize Me at least once by now.

Apparently my dad decided to do a science experiment of his own. Even aside from the fact the rat didn’t find the cheeseburger and try to eat it, is the fact that nothing else in time between November 2014 and January 2016 tried to eat it either.

If nothing else, the meat itself should have attracted some kind of critter by the end of the week.

Plus, my dad mentioned nothing about a horrible smell that he, nor any other person that walked into his office, ever smelled for over a year. Because evidently, there was no horrible smell even though there should have been.

I think it’s impressive that McDonald’s is able to make a food product that A) is delicious to humans but B) is not attractive to insects or animals in the food chain whose job it is to take care of food lying around on the planet; while C) at the same time this same cheeseburger contains both meat and cheese but still does not smell horrible when left out for days, weeks, months, or even a year in just a room temperature building.

Should you have any doubt of the validity of my dad’s testimonial, it would be pretty easy to debunk. Just simply leave a McDonald’s cheeseburger in your office for over a year and then find out the results.

Granted, the fact that you could even make it more than just a few weeks would already prove my dad’s point.

Dear Jack: My Son’s 1st Science Project

3 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack: My Son's 1st Science Project

Dear Jack,

This week at school as the theme has been “The Future,” you and your friends were given an assignment: to create a future-themed science project.

I don’t ever see myself as the kind of dad who simply will do the work for you, attempting to lead fellow parents and teachers to believe that you actually did the work instead of me.

Dear Jack: My Son's 1st Science Project

Instead, I want it to be your ideas and your handiwork; simply with my input as you ask for it.

However, I will admit, I did build the basic frame of your “tow truck,” but only for you to break it apart then rebuild it with festive lights and what constitutes as “a tow on the back.”

Each day this week when we came home from school, you ran straight over to your Legos and my job was to help you find “all the weird Legos” for your tow truck.

Your project was entitled “Parking Lot Of The Future.”

Dear Jack: My Son's 1st Science Project

Apparently, in the future a robotic snake, an old man in a gown riding a robotic bird, and a low-rider fire truck will park next to a well-lit tow truck.

I just wanted you to have fun. The thought of winning never crossed my mind; though it definitely crossed yours. I’m not sure there was a winner, but I do know you came home with a Ninja Turtles activity pack and a “well done” award.

In fact, this week set a record for you: “Least Number Of Snacks Eaten In The Car.”

Dear Jack: My Son's 1st Science Project

That’s because you were busy in the back seat modifying your tow truck, having me remove trick Lego pieces that you decided you didn’t like after all… in between us sitting at red lights.

So yeah, you were very proud this morning to see your work on display, alongside your friends’ projects.

It was never about winning. It was about the experience and the passion of creating something enjoyable.

Dear Jack: My Son's 1st Science Project

I have really enjoyed being a part of your first science project.

Now that it’s over, though- you are very relieved: You finally got to take your Legos back home now.